Albuquerque Tree Experts Uses Tree Pruning to Save a Fruit Tree

Albuquerque, New Mexico – When Julius started seeing signs of ill-health on his avocado tree, he decided not to wait and see what would happen and immediately called Albuquerque Tree Experts. Luckily for him, the decision to call the tree service company saved his tree.

“When the company’s professionals arrived,” said Julius, “they told me that my tree would only need tree pruning to save it. They also mentioned that if I had waited for another two weeks, the tree would have been unsavable.”

Albuquerque Tree Experts

“Most tree diseases start on the branches,” said the company’s chief of field operations after working on the tree. “They often take time before they jump from the branches to the tree trunk. The key to saving trees from such diseases is noticing them early enough and then using tree pruning to get rid of the infected branches. This keeps the disease from spreading and restores the tree health – this is exactly what we did with Julius’ avocado tree.”

After being in the tree service business for close to three decades, Albuquerque Tree Experts has grown its experience and list of services. At the establishment, the company only had a tree trimming team Albuquerque. Today, Albuquerque Tree Experts is known as the best tree removal company Albuquerque, offers tree pruning services and also handles stump removal and emergency tree service Albuquerque.

“Our team of tree cutting professionals Albuquerque takes advantage of more than just years of experience to offer the best services,” said the company’s CEO. “We have also equipped them with top-of-the-line tree maintenance tools that make even the most complicated tree service procedures manageable. With tools like bucket trucks for tree trimming and tree pruning and cranes for removing complicated trees, our team can turn the riskiest procedures into safe, manageable tree services.”

Through maintaining affordable prices for all its tree service procedures, Albuquerque Tree Experts manages to serve property owners outside Albuquerque. The company noted that a significant portion of its customers last year were from Sandia Heights, Corrales, Rio Rancho, North Valley, Valencia, Paradise Hills, and Carnuel. The company noted that these customers hire the company because of its ability to finish complicated procedures at a fraction of the cost that local tree service providers charge.

Albuquerque Tree Experts offices are located at 6001 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States. Customers, however, can reach the company by dialing +1 505-594-4798 or sending an email to


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