Albany Car Accident Chiropractor Explains Types of Injuries in A Rear-End Collision

Arrowhead Clinic in Albany, GA, has posted a blog post explaining the type of injuries victims of rear-end collisions sustain. Dr. Antjuan Mitchell, a leading Albany car accident chiropractor, cautions against any delay in seeking medical examination after a rear-end collision, adding, “If these injuries aren't treated properly as soon as possible, they can create chronic issues.”

Arrowhead Clinic has been treating car accident victims for more than 40 years, offering customized treatment plans for a full recovery from injuries. Dr. Mitchell is compassionate with car accident victims and suggests immediate care for auto accident injuries. “The sooner these injuries are detected and treated after a rear-end collision in Albany, the more likely you are to make a full recovery.”

The chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic are experts at treating back and spine injuries sustained in a rear-end crash, which can become serious if untreated, and their repercussions can linger for a lifetime.

The auto accident doctor in Albany explains that a rear-end collision can hurt the back seriously, compressing the spine and putting pressure on the vertebrae, and resulting in bruises to the lower back muscles and ligaments.

Another common rear-end accident injuries are bulging and herniated discs, asserts Dr. Mitchell, adding, “Your discs are shaped like small pancakes and act as shock absorbers between the bony vertebra of your spine. Rear-end accidents frequently cause them to tear open and leak or force the discs out of position. This puts painful pressure against your spinal cord, causing pain, numbness, or tingling in the back or other parts of the body.”

The Albany, GA, car accident doctor highlights the importance of chiropractic care in treating whiplash injuries, which are far more common in a collision than any other injury. Dr. Mitchell warns that even low-speed collisions and fender benders can cause whiplash and soft tissue damage to the muscles and ligaments of the neck and shoulder, which may linger for a long time unless treated in time.

“If you think you have whiplash and notice severe pain after an accident that persists for several days, spreads through your arms and legs, or creates numbness, weakness, or tingling, you should see a car accident chiropractor right away.”

An accident victim should not wait to see the best auto accident chiropractor in Albany. Some hidden injuries that can worsen include shoulder pain, stiffness, headaches, dizziness, and muscle spasms. Arrowhead Clinic in Albany, Georgia, offers free consultations. Their experienced car accident chiropractor can provide a proper diagnosis and treat their injuries. Arrowhead Clinic is dedicated to helping victims of accidents make a full physical and financial recovery. Call 800-961-7246 to schedule a free consultation.


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