Akron Roof Repair Contractors, TK Roofing, Discuss What Roof Lasts The Longest

TK Roofing & Gutters is the leading name in the Ohio roof replacement industry. The top Akron roof repair company has released an article identifying features that can prolong the life of the roof. Following their article on how to prepare for a roof replacement, the certified roofing contractors share the best ways to install a long-lasting roof with good insulation and a strong base that can resist environmental hazards.

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What kind of roof lasts the longest

TK Roofing & Gutters asserts that it is the type of roof that will have the greatest impact on how long it lasts. “Most roofing products are designed to last around 20 years, oftentimes longer, under normal weather conditions,” states TK Roofing and Gutters owner Daryl Gentry.

The top Ohio roofer highlights the type of roofing materials available and their durability.

The roof replacement company identifies slate, concrete, and clay tiles as one of the longest performing roofing materials, which is expected to last 50-100 years.

On the other hand, metal roofs are expected to perform for 40-80 years, while wood roofs have a life expectancy of 30 years, depending on weather conditions. Asphalt shingle roofs can last 20-50 years, depending on the quality of the shingles.

Proper maintenance can help prolong the life of a roof, states TK Roofing & Gutters. The locally-owned roof repair company in Akron, OH, emphasizes the importance of picking quality roofing materials for the project, warning that a roof with lower quality shingles may shave a few years of life off the roof.

TK Roofing & Gutters shares tips to make roofs last longer. The best Ohio local roof repair company identifies that clogged gutters may damage the roof, emphasizing the importance of cleaning them regularly each fall and spring.

“Ruined siding paint or a wet basement are typical side effects of dirty gutters. However, the overflow of the gutters can also move upward. If leaves pile too deeply in gutters, water can wick into roof sheathing and rot it or even rot your rafters,” explains the Akron, Ohio, roofing company.

The local roofer states that roofs can become covered with black algae, and a little chlorine bleach mixed with water will kill it. In wooded areas with wood or asphalt shingles, moss may grow on the roof. TK Roofing & Gutters specializes in roof maintenance and repair and is highly experienced in removing three-dimensional moss, which traps water. Timely roofing inspections are crucial to identify problems before they can turn into bigger issues.

“If you catch it early enough, it can be swept off.” The #1 Ohio roof replacement company explains that investing in zinc strips can keep the moss from coming back.

An experienced roofing professional can identify roofing issues that can do long-term harm. The Akron roof repair contractors have been in the business of roof repairs and replacement for decades. TK Roofing cautions against DIY roof repairs, explaining that a professional knows how to maintain and install a roof.

Anybody looking to install a new roof or looking for roof repairs and replacement should get in touch with the top Ohio roofers on the TK Roofing & Gutters website. The best roof replacement professionals can inspect the roof and provide a free estimate to repair any issues. Get in touch with a certified roof replacement contractor in Ohio to schedule a free inspection and estimate on the button on the website.


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