Air Conditioning Repair Service Publishes New Page On Fixing AC Systems

South Houston based Air Check Mechanical Service has published a critical new page on its website, located at The company has also expanded its local reach to work with customer in the Sugarland, Pearland, Friendswood and Fresno area, making it one of South Houston's most mobile HVAC contractors.

Air conditioning repair has been a key service for Air Check Mechanical Service since its inception, and continues to be its key focus While many HVAC contractors will push unnecessary new systems on customers having system issues during the brutal Texas summer, Air Check tries to focus on getting the customer's current air conditioning system working effectively and without hot spots throughout the building.

"There are certainly a wide variety of buildings that may not have had their HVAC systems specified properly, and certainly an incorrect sized system can mean lots of trouble for the customer," said Donald Compton, owner with Air Check Mechanical Service. "But if a system was sized and installed to spec and it's less than, say, 10 years old, there usually isn't much sense in replacing it. While there are exceptions to every rule when it comes to HVAC, we like to ensure our customers are educated as to the viability of their system."

One of the key advantages of working with Air Check Mechanical Service when it comes to repairing and replacing an HVAC system is undoubtedly the company's service maintenance contracts, which protect a customer from the hassle of dealing with a surprise breakdown. By signing a maintenance agreement with Air Check, a customer can schedule maintenance checks six months ahead of time, ensuring that the AC system is working at its absolute peak efficiency throughout the year.

"One of the major issues when it comes to AC repair is the fact that a lot of folks wait until an actual system breakdown in order to call on professional help," said Compton. "With a maintenance contract, the customer pays a little each month to ensure that their system is as efficient and lasts as long as is possible. It's almost like an insurance policy against the shock of a failed system during the hot Texas summer."

The company services and repairs central air conditioning units by such well known manufacturers as Bryant, York, Trane, American Standard, Carrier and others. Plus, the advent of mini split air conditioners has also been a boon to the company, as these units do also require maintenance and repair.

While affordable air conditioning repair is what Air Check Mechanical Service has made its name on, the company also provides AC installation services for homes and commercial buildings. As air conditioning equipment ages, it becomes less and less efficient to the point that cooling costs can increase dramatically. What's more, if a previous homeowner or building owner had been sold an improperly sized air conditioning or heat pump unit, the results usually cannot be corrected without changing the system to a properly sized unit.

Throughout the country, there are a variety of cities and towns wherein super efficient air conditioning isn't necessarily a complete necessity - but that is not the case in Houston. In South Houston, Air Check Mechanical Service's key area of service, almost every HVAC system breakdown that occurs after March during the year should be considered an emergency. Air Check Mechanical System certainly considers this to be the case.

"The heat in Houston is no joke, so when a customer calls and tells us that their AC is not cooling or isn't blowing cool air, we consider it a major priority," said Compton. "In other parts of the country, it may not be as much of an issue, but here it's definitely an emergency!"


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