Air Check Mechanical Service Publishes Guide To Prevent Air Conditioner Leaking

Houston, Texas based Air Check Mechanical Service is reaching out to the wider community to share their guide to prevent an air conditioner from leaking. Air Check Mechanical Service is a family and locally owned-and-operated business that has served south Houston, TX for residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning installation and repair services for 17 years.

As the company explains, air conditioners work by pulling the hot and humid outside air and then blowing it across a cooled evaporator coil. As this process helps cool down the air inside, there is a buildup of condensation along the coil. While most modern AC designs account for the condensation and ensure that the excess water from the condensation process is properly emptied out, issues can sometimes occur. Whether this is due to mechanical failure or some fault of the original AC installation, there could be instances when certain problems might lead to the water leaking into a building premises instead of getting pumped out of it. When not addressed effectively, this can lead to damages not only to the AC unit but even the property itself.

Donald Compton of Air Check Mechanical Service says, “While it’s no trouble at all to get a professional to perform an AC repair, we believe that everyone who owns an AC should take the time to make sure they understand the reason behind the leak. This will give you a better idea of how to address the issue while reducing the frequency of you having to call the AC experts, which in turn will help you save on maintenance costs.”

In the post published on the company’s website, Air Check Mechanical Service says that the most effective way to prevent leaks in an AC unit is by performing regular air conditioner maintenance. In fact, regular maintenance can help prevent a large variety of HVAC-related issues in most properties. Ideally, AC units should be seen and checked by a qualified HVAC technician yearly.

However, even the most well-maintained AC unit can still get damaged. No matter the cause, be it harsh weather, accidents, vandalism and so on, making sure to give the AC unit a visual check-up every so often can go a long way. The company states that people should look out for certain signs, including excessive moisture coming out of the drain pipe outside or water stains on the walls. The moment any of these are noticed, the best response is to call an HVAC technician so they can check where things stand.

The post also notes some common causes for AC leaks. For instance, evaporator coils can freeze over due to a dirty air filter as it can block the airflow within the AC. There may even be low levels of refrigerant in the unit. Regardless, any of these issues can lead to the temperature within the air conditioner to drop so much that ice will start to form along the evaporator coil. The moment this ice melts, the drain pan or the condensate drain line will overflow, which will lead to the water leaking into the property.

Another reason could be a damaged or overflowing drain pan. Drain pans are generally containers made of metal or plastic, designed to accumulate water before it gets drained. The pan can get damaged or corrode due to wear and tear, which can cause the water to start leaking. Clogged condensate drain lines can also be a reason for a leak, as they are likely to get blocked and clogged by debris, sludge, dirt fungi and algae. When the water is unable to flow through, it will overflow, which will usually lead to it leaking right into the living spaces.

However, a more common reason can sometimes be just the fact that the AC unit is not installed properly. Compton says, “While it is easy to hire untrained, inexperienced and cheap HVAC ‘experts,’ it can be such a huge risk. Most of them will never take the time to check that the exterior AC unit is tightly sealed or is leveled perfectly when fitting the unit in. This can lead not only to water leaks but to a whole host of other problems in the long run. So, no matter what kind of AC maintenance work you're doing, you’re always better off hiring a trustworthy company.”

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