AIMM Pushes Musical Education Through Music Performance Certificate

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM) is reaching out to musicians who may be looking to elevate their skill set in any of a number of musical avenues, inviting them to take a look at the Institute’s Music Performance Certificate. This certificate is designed to help performing artists and can be completed full time in 12 months or part time in 18 months. Students who wish to continue their studies and enroll in AIMM’s Music and Technology Associate Degree in the same instrument focus can have all of the courses from their performance certificate automatically matriculated to their Music and Technology Degree. The student can choose to focus on guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or voice when pursuing their certificate.

According to the Institute, “The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media has the program for you. Meet lifelong industry leaders and develop the skills necessary at your respective instrument to make a splash in the music industry. Not only is it a fantastic opportunity, but it can be completed in just 9 months full-time (so you're not away from your gigs for too long!) and if you decide to continue your education with our Music and Technology Degree (and learn music production techniques) all of your completed courses from the Performance Certificate seamless transfer over, so you have a major head start! The Music Performance Certificate is also currently a hybrid program, so if you're nervous about attending a campus right now, you can take this certificate online!”

Non-beginning instrument students and recording arts students are provided the instructional environment required to develop their talents and skills needed to make it as professionals in today’s music industry. Striving to excel in contemporary music and media arts education, AIMM’s primary focus is to provide a positive, fulfilling and rewarding student experience. The institute helps students grow into adept members of the music industry through class, private instruction, audio, video and computer lab instruction along with live clinics—all conducted by highly experienced veterans of the music industry.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is one of the most renowned music academies in the country. Set in the heart of Atlanta (which is known for its burgeoning and diverse music scene with dozens upon dozens of opportunities for the up and coming artist), AIMM offers students the opportunity to expand their horizons as artists. Some of the names that have emerged from the Atlanta music scene over the years include OutKast, Ludacris, R.E.M and many more. AIMM’s goal is to provide the best musical education possible while also giving their students the chance to immerse themselves in Atlanta’s music scene.

Furthermore, the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media provides students with the tools necessary for rapid progress, expanding their repertoire and creating new professional possibilities. AIMM’s ultimate goal is to produce confident and competent musicians. The school has been raising great musicians for years—and aspiring musicians can always join the Institute’s ranks, confident that AIMM will teach them what they need to thrive. “If you have a passion for music and/or media, Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is the place for you,” says AIMM. “At AIMM, you truly learn from both sides of the studio.”

Many of the school’s students have had great things to say about their experiences at AIMM. Chaz, a former student, states, “AIMM is one of the best decisions I have ever made with my life. After going to AIMM, I learned and gathered a lifetime worth of knowledge in music and instructors' experiences. Would recommend this school to anyone who wants to grow and become a better musician.”

An aspiring student, Tyrone, also shares that they, “Haven't even enrolled into the school yet, and with the information on the website over what the school is about, I'm more excited to go there than ever. I can't wait to get my music production life under way.”

For more information on the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media and their performance program, visit the official AIMM website. Students are welcome to connect with the music academy through their social media platforms as well.


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