AIMM Launches Online Music Production Course In Florida

Duluth, Georgia -

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM), based in Duluth, Georgia, is pleased to announce the launch of their Online Music Production Course serving Florida. The course offered by the accredited music college is entirely conducted online and gives audio engineers, sound engineers and music producers the opportunity to learn music production at home and at their own pace. This course can be completed within nine months of full-time enrollment or 18 months of part-time enrollment.

The Online Music Production Certificate offered by AIMM gives everyone access to the advantages of an online music production education, with the added benefits of having the opportunity to become AVID Pro Tools Certified. The program also includes rigorous and engaging music production course material and a hands-on, immersive music atmosphere alongside a significantly lower price point than other music schools. The asynchronous classes offer students ultimate flexibility while also opening a path to lifetime career assistance and networking.

President of Atlanta Institute of Music and Media Nite Driscoll states that, “The ultimate goal of the Online Music Production Certificate is to assist you in receiving the necessary education to further your recording and engineering abilities. This program is designed to help you establish the skills necessary to become a successful and professional sound engineer. AIMM’s online music production program teaches students the recording processes of tracking, editing, mixing and mastering for analog and digital music production.” Learn more here:

Students following the course will use Ableton Live and Pro Tools to learn both analog and digital music production techniques. They will also learn how to use virtual instruments, microphone techniques and effect plugins as well as the essential keyboard skills and music theory needed for the digital audio workstation. The convenience of the flexibility the course offers is one of its greatest benefits. Many unpredictable events can affect an individual’s schedule, particularly for a music producer or musician. As a student of AIMM’s online course, they can work on the program whenever they have the time and from wherever they are. AIMM providing completely asynchronous online music production classes is what allows this flexibility.

Students are expected to follow a pre-packaged syllabus, which is a great advantage. As the online course work is asynchronous, a student knowing the syllabus and their class subjects ahead of time allows them to schedule their own study times and practice around their schedule. Having the option to plan study time as is suitable and having independent coursework can be extremely beneficial to a self-disciplined student. A welcome benefit of the course being entirely online is that students need not stress worrying about expensive additional costs, such as meal plans, accommodation and commuting. AIMM’s online course similarly has a lower price compared to that of other music colleges, making it more accessible. The 9-month duration is excellent for musicians and producers as they often have a lot on their plate, including networking or building up a portfolio and an online presence.

The success of the alumni of the AIMM courses is clear proof of how effective the online course is. Some of the notable alumni include KEYZBABY (also known as Jay Foye III, who co-produced WAP, a song which reached No. 1 in US charts), Kesha Lee (the engineer who received a Grammy award for her work on This Is America, sung by Childish Gambino) and the guitarist Tosin (who is a phenomenal guitarist and founder of the band Animals as Leaders).

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media has been enriching the lives of musicians, producers and sound engineers for over 30 years. With their extensive experience in the industry to guide them, the Institute has focused on providing a unique and effective strategy for the vocational training of musicians, production and engineering students through a well-balanced curriculum, a computer lab, classroom instruction, private instruction, DVD, video and audio labs and live clinics. Top-rated instructors provide insight into the industry as well as tips and techniques with regards to mastering, mixing and tracking.

For more information about the Music Production program, students and other interested parties can visit the official Atlanta Institute of Music and Media website. The Institute can also be contacted via phone or email.



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