Agriculture Technology Club Publishes an Article About Vegetable Transplanters

October 23, 2021— Farming blog site Agriculture Technology Club recently published an article about vegetable transplanters. "We decided to write an in-depth explanation about it because there's only a little information about automated transplanters on the internet," says resident reviewer Rachel Ward.

Ward believes that many vegetable growers are still in the dark regarding transplanters. According to her, some growers aren't sure which one is right for them, while some growers are hesitant to adapt to the technology.

“It’s hard to stay competitive in large-scale vegetable agriculture without incorporating a transplanting system,” Ward claims.

The article mentions how vegetable transplanters make the lives of vegetable growers easier and more efficient by reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency. Modern transplanters can transplant one to five acres per hour (depending on the specific vegetable crop and which make and model of transplanter.

“If you’re serious about making your farming operation more efficient, a robust transplanting program is a must,” Ward concludes.

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