After Finding Sobriety Titusville Resident Encourages Others Seeking Addiction Treatment to Contact WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Titusville, FL - Josh, a resident of Titusville Florida recently attended an inpatient addiction treatment program at WhiteSands near Tampa. He took the opportunity to leave the treatment center an enthusiastic five-star review on Google in the hopes of helping others in need find an effective treatment for substance abuse.

“You can get clean here and they provide you with the tools you need to reenter society as a sober and productive member,” Josh said in his review.

WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Tampa Florida

WhiteSands’ mission is to give patients all the tools and resources required to have the best possible chance of achieving long-term sobriety. They were founded with the goal of raising the standard of care in the addiction treatment space. What they have discovered over the years is that emphasizing patients’ comfort during the rehab process actually makes them far more receptive to treatment and contributes to their long-term success overall.

Many addiction treatment centers create an austere environment claiming that removing influences and contact from the outside world allows people to focus solely on their sobriety. What WhiteSands in Tampa has discovered is that this kind of atmosphere contributes to people’s fears about seeking treatment in the first place. It also compounds the discomfort people are already experiencing as they go through the detox and withdrawal process.

WhiteSands’ founders decided to try a different approach. They felt that not being able to communicate with family and loved ones during rehab was understandably anxiety-producing for patients. So, instead of taking patient’s cell phones and laptops upon arrival, they allowed them to keep them. Instead of removing patients’ sense of privacy, WhiteSands accommodates clients in private rooms with private bathrooms each with a full-sized bed and TV. Clients can retreat to their room at the end of the day and relax as they would in a comfortable hotel room. And lastly, WhiteSands decided to implement a schedule where, at 4:00, at the end of the day of treatment and therapy, patients become guests of WhiteSands’ amenity-filled facility.

The 10-acre campus features a swimming pool, walking paths, fountains and multiple outdoor areas for lounging. They also have an impressive new athletics complex where patients can either work out on their own or participate in yoga and other classes. Guests that are interested can even be trained by professional boxing trainers in the WhiteSands boxing program. Patients find that these physical activities become critical components of their recovery and provide a perfect release for the strong (and often difficult) emotions that come up during a long day of therapy.

In his review, Josh said, “They treat you like a hotel guest and will literally go out of their way to accommodate ANY need that you may have. You can have your phone and laptop and I have to call this The Beverly Hills Hilton of rehabs.”

For anyone struggling with substance use disorder and worrying that rehab might be a painful experience, it's important to know that effective treatment might not be what you’re expecting. To learn more call (877) 640-7820 or go to


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