After Battling Alcoholism, St. Petersburg Student Finds Effective Treatment at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab

St. Petersburg, FL - Alcohol and drug abuse are widespread problems amongst college students, a population that’s particularly vulnerable to peer pressure and the desire to fit in. Chris, a student in St. Petersburg, Florida, recognized that his drinking was becoming a problem. Once he started to drink, he simply could not stop.

“I found myself struggling in school and not being able to stop drinking. I decided to get help, and thankfully WhiteSands worked with my insurance,” he said.

It’s not uncommon for students like Chris to face social pressure around binge drinking, which can easily lead to physical dependence and behavior that spirals out of control. Fortunately, WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab St. Petersburg offers effective treatment for adults of all ages struggling with substance abuse. By helping people learn new coping mechanisms and trigger management skills they help patients successfully navigate the rehabilitation process. The addiction treatment center accepts most private insurances and has multiple inpatient and outpatient locations throughout the state of Florida.

Just like other diseases, substance use disorders require intensive therapy and treatment and sometimes even medication and long-term rehabilitation. Without effective help, the disease of addiction will continue to progress. Learning to manage addiction is not simply a matter of willpower or desire; it requires ongoing support and therapy on a life-long basis.

“The whole process from my first call to my case manager setting me up with outpatient treatment when I completed inpatient was seamless,” Chris said of his experience at WhiteSands. When a person is ready to seek help, it's important that the process be smooth, orderly, and swift.

Once in treatment, a variety of factors contribute to the success of patients like Chris. Studies show that people who have consistent, ongoing meetings with their primary therapist achieve better outcomes than those who do not. Additionally, people who spend more time in treatment (60 to 90 days) are much more likely to maintain their sobriety than those who complete a shorter course of treatment or choose to leave treatment early.

“For anyone struggling, I highly suggest making the call to WhiteSands like I did, it can very well save a life,” Chris said.

Chris is one of tens of thousands of patients who’ve achieved lasting sobriety with WhiteSands. For anyone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, their intake team is available 24/7 to take calls and help people navigate the treatment process. Call (877) 640-7820. To read more visit


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