After an All Time Low Melbourne Man Found the Alcohol Addiction Treatment He Needed to Transform His Life

Joshua, a resident of Melbourne, FL, had been struggling with alcohol abuse for years when the consequences of his addiction started to become more and more severe. It was only when he was pulled over for a DUI that he realized how out of control his life had become.

The DUI was a turning point for Joshua. Like many who struggle with addiction, he felt he had reached an all-time low and there was no other option than to reach out for help. Fortunately, he discovered an addiction treatment center that gave him the support he needed to turn his life around.

WhiteSands Melbourne exterior

“I thought my life was over until I came here,” Joshua said. “I was broken when I entered WhiteSands, and now I’m a sober man with my life back.”

WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab operate a large network of addiction treatment centers across the state of Florida. Patients like Joshua who struggle with dependence on alcohol and other drugs can access the full continuum of care at WhiteSands from detox and residential treatment to outpatient treatment, aftercare, and beyond.

Though alcohol enjoys a relatively accepted place in our society, it’s a drug that poses significant dangers, including physical addiction. Someone who’s been drinking large quantities of alcohol for a long time will experience withdrawal symptoms ranging from mild to severe when they quit drinking. In some cases, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can even be life-threatening. For this reason, treatment centers like WhiteSands strongly recommend people gently taper off alcohol under the supervision of medical care in a professional detox setting. In a medical detox program, patients receive round the clock monitoring to ensure withdrawal symptoms don’t become severe. Patients can also receive medication as needed to help keep them comfortable throughout the process.

After a period of detox, which typically lasts from five to seven days, patients move on to the deeper work of rehabilitation. Alcohol rehab consists of group and individual therapies, holistic care, life skills coaching, and a host of other supports and resources to help patients understand and heal the “why” behind their addiction.

WhiteSands alcohol and drug rehab utilize a particularly wide range of therapies to support their patients. In addition to time-tested treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and twelve-step programs, the center emphasizes lifestyle changes and whole-person support. This includes providing a state of the art gym where clients can work out with personal trainers and even receive training from professional boxing coaches. Patients like Joshua consistently report that the WhiteSands boxing program is an integral part of their recovery as it gives them a much-needed way to release difficult emotions that come up during a long day of therapy.

“The amenities like the gym and the pool help keep me in shape physically,” Joshua said. “I love this place and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you, WhiteSands, for helping me when I couldn’t help myself. To learn more about WhiteSands or seek help please visit WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Melbourne on Google maps to learn more.


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