After 20 Years of Drinking Los Angeles Woman Thanks Muse Treatment Center for Helping Her Find Sobriety

Los Angeles, CA – No matter how long a person has struggled or how many times they’ve tried to put a problem behind them, it’s never too late to ask for help – and to receive it.

That’s what a Los Angeles woman named Gilma, who struggled with alcohol for two decades, discovered when she finally sought help from Muse Addiction Treatment Center.

Muse Treatment Alcohol & Drug Rehab Los Angeles

“After drinking for over 20 years, I went to Muse for help,” she wrote in a recent review on Google. “Muse and God saved my life!”

Gilma found leading-edge treatment programs and a team of experienced addiction specialists who treat substance use disorders involving alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription painkillers, and medications for depression and anxiety. Programs cover the entire continuum of care, from detox through residential and outpatient rehab and continuing to aftercare and long-term follow-up.

Muse takes an interdisciplinary approach to treatment, combining group and individual therapy with educational lectures and cognitive retraining. Addiction therapy is often conducted in tandem with mental health counseling; Muse follows the current thinking that addiction may only be a symptom of an underlying mental or psychological condition. This is known as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring condition. While not everyone is coping with both disorders, Muse believes it’s essential to provide dual-diagnosis care if needed.

Treatment is focused on long-term recovery, not short-term success, and relapse prevention is an essential part of this approach. Educational workshops help clients build new life skills and coping mechanisms that they can put to use when they return to daily life outside the emotional safety net of treatment. Clients have access to these programs for as long as they need.

Gilma’s journey to sobriety began with Muse’s alcohol treatment programs, including various forms of cognitive-behavioral therapy. The goal is to retrain the client’s thinking about alcohol and its use in relieving the stresses of daily life. While these programs gave her a successful start in long-term recovery, she heaped praise on the people who offered the care.

“The staff, including case managers, social workers, group presenters and medical, are caring, and their goal is client sobriety,” Gilma wrote. “The house staff, techs, and other service staff are professional and compassionate!”

It’s far from the first time Muse’s staff has won praise from clients after they leave treatment. The team consists of accredited and experienced experts who work with a variety of medical, behavioral, and therapeutic professionals. Each client is reviewed by a team of specialists who design a unique treatment program specific to their mental and physical needs.

What truly makes the difference is the dedication and compassion of the staff – that’s what most impresses Muse’s clients. As Gilma wrote, the successful recovery of each client is Muse’s No. 1 priority. The treatment team members are supportive, compassionate, diligent, and profoundly talented.

The quality of their skills and the value of their caring attitude are proven by clients like Gilma, who leave many unsolicited reviews testifying to the quality of care at Muse and thanking the treatment staff for their dedication and support. Muse’s comfortable, home-like settings and appetizing meals, also get their share of compliments, but it’s the people who receive the most meaningful reviews.

“Thank you for your guidance in my sobriety,” Gilma wrote. “Without you, I would not be sober today!”

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