Affordable Landscaper and Lawncare Services Available in Williamston SC

Price Landscaping is happy to announce that they are offering affordable landscaper and lawncare services in Williamston, SC, and neighboring areas. They can provide lawn care, lawn cleanups, seeding, sodding, aeration, mulching, tilling, and planting. They offer a lawn care package that can be used to ensure that lawns are provided with constant care and maintenance. Lawn care has to do with ensuring that the soil has the needed nutrients, fixing any underlying issues, ensuring that the right type of grass is used, fighting lawn weeds, feeding the grasses well, managing water for the lawn wisely, mowing the lawn, and boosting the lawn.

Seeding the lawn properly is essential in having a healthy and green lawn and an attractive landscape. It is vital to allow the experts in lawn care to handle the seeding of the lawn to make sure it is done appropriately the first time. By ensuring that the right seeds have been planted and that the timing is proper, one can be sure to have a sustainable lawn that has much better resistance to diseases, drought, and insect pests.

Brady Price, owner of Price Landscaping, says, “If you’re looking for a skilled landscaper in Williamston to undertake your landscaping project, look no further than Price Landscaping. We've got years of experience delivering all kinds of landscaping work including aeration, sodding, seeding, and mulching to the highest standard of workmanship. Whether you know what you want already, or you want to work with us plan your dream garden, give us a call.”

Another important service provided by Price Landscaping is sodding. Sod provides an immediate vegetative cover for the soil, which is both aesthetically beneficial and can prevent erosion. It can also offer more stabilizing protection compared to initial seeding because of the dense cover formed by sod. And it results into less weed growth compared to seeded vegetation. Sodding can be used for site activities within a shorter time compared to seeded vegetation and it can be placed at any time of the year as long as the soil is not frozen and its moisture conditions are favorable. However, sod has to be handled carefully because it can be affected by storage and transport. Selecting the proper type of sod is also vital. This is why it is vital to hire the services of a lawn care expert for sodding.

Aeration is another vital service offered by Price Landscaping. Aeration is essential because when soil gets compacted, even slightly, the flow of air, water and nutrients that are needed to support healthier and thicker turf growth is impeded. A layer of compacted soil that is one fourth to one half inches thick can have a significant effect on the health and aesthetics of the lawn. Aeration consists of creating holes down into soil to allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the grass roots. Lawns need aeration when vehicles and small equipment are typically driven on the lawn and also if kids and pets commonly play in the yard.

Mulching is another important task for the lawn because it provides a less costly, easier, and more sustainable way of feeding it and help it grow better. While water and fertilizer are typically used to feed a lawn, a significant amount of lawn feed is already found within the grass itself. Grass already contains phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium, which are all needed for growth. Mulching of the grass into tiny clippings allows the microorganisms in the soil to break down the mulch so that its nutrients can be sent back into the soil.

Price Landscaping has a team of landscaping experts who can provide a collaborative and comprehensive experience. Before starting their service, they will first consult with the customer and offer advice on the best way to proceed with the landscaping and lawn care. They have several years of experience in providing all types of landscaping work, such as sodding, aeration, seeding, and mulching.

Those who are interested in learning more about the landscaping and lawncare services in Williamston and surrounding areas can check out the Price Landscaping website at, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.


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