AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc. Awarded Utility Patent on New Fragrance Diffuser Invention

aeron-lifestyle-technology-inc-introduces-essential-breeze-aromatherapy-fan FAIRFIELD, IOWA - AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc., a leading inventor, and manufacturer of fragrance diffusion devices, has been awarded a utility patent on the company’s invention of an aromatherapy fan diffuser for essential oils. The patented “Fan Diffuser” is a new product launching in the second quarter of 2021, marketed under the registered trademark “Essential Breeze®.”

“The Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan breaks with conventional fragrance diffuser technology,” according to Chief Financial Officer Monica Hadley. Hadley, AERON Director of Innovation Jerome Clock, and AERON Director of Design Chris Young are the inventors of the aromatherapy fan.

Essential oil diffusers typically consist of a water-filled chamber to which a few drops of oil are added. Essential Breeze® requires no water. Instead, the user removes the cap from a standard 5- or 10-ml bottle of essential oil with Euro Dropper and replaces it with the Essential Breeze’s unique cap and pad holder. The bottle is then inverted inside the tabletop unit, allowing oil to slowly meter onto the absorbent pad positioned above the fan, allowing for full-strength release of the diffused oils over time.

“Our lab tests show that a 10-milliliter bottle of essential oil, even diffused at full strength of operation, can last for weeks,” Hadley notes. “You can safely set it and forget it.”

Other features of the product include USB or battery operation, safe high-durability plastic housing, and scent control to allow users to modulate the volume of diffusion by setting the frequency of the fan operation.

The Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan is among the hundreds of products designed, engineered, and manufactured by AERON in its over 20–year history. The products are available for national retailers and wholesalers under the Belle Aroma® brand. Unique customization appointments such as colors and other decorative finishes are available in the company’s white label program.

As with all products in the AERON Belle Aroma® brand line of fragrance diffusers for home, car, and home-office, Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan is sold in recyclable cardboard packaging.

Founded in 1996 with the invention of the first-ever aromatherapy diffuser for cars, AERON is based in Fairfield, Iowa with manufacturing and filling operations in Mason City, IA; Pflugerville, TX; Mexico City, Hong Kong, and Guangdong Province, China. The company has eight other patents pending on original design and utilities.

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