AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc. Adds ScentSlide™ Fragrance Diffusers to Belle Aroma® Brand Lineup and White Label Offerings

Belle Aroma Scent Slide

AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc., a leading inventor, and manufacturer of fragrance diffusion devices, announces the launch of the ScentSlide™ fragrance diffusers, adding to its extensive selection of Belle Aroma® brand diffusers for home, office, car, and travel.

The Plugables® ScentSlide™ is a lighted 120-volt electric air freshener, while ScentSlide Unplugged is a passive fragrancer available as a vent or visor clip for the car.

Both versions can be used with either Belle Aroma® Fragrance Wafers™ made from proprietary scented resin in a variety of fragrances and colors, or with custom felt pads to which the user can apply any essential oil.

The Plugables® ScentSlide™ features an on/off switch, LED light, rotating plug, and a decorative front sliding panel that can be customized for white label buyers. Its low profile allows it to remain close to the wall for use in any outlet.

Operating instructions are simple: Slide open the decorative front panel to load the included no-mess fragrance wafer, plug the unit into a 120-volt wall outlet, and turn it on to enjoy the fragrance along with the nightlight feature. The fragrance wafer, which looks like a small waffle, is designed to maximize airflow and fragrance dispersion, allowing the user to enjoy long-lasting fragrance release in small spaces for weeks.

For real aromatherapy, substitute the Refill Essential Oil Pads for the Fragrance Wafer, and add 10 – 25 drops of any essential oil.

Loading the Fragrance Wafer or Essential Oil Pad is the same for the ScentSlide Unplugged, which then gets attached to a vehicle’s vent or visor.

AERON Co-founder Jeffrey Smith, who heads Belle Aroma® brand development, said when Plugables® ScentSlide™ is inserted into an outlet, fragrance diffusion is almost immediate due to the rapid-start PTC heating element.

“We’ve designed a product that blends in with every décor making it a subtle, but attractive addition to any home.” Smith said, “Yet, we see the very best design features of this product as its mess-free ease of use, safety, and prolonged fragrance release that is never overwhelming, even in small spaces.”

ScentSlide™ diffusers are among the hundreds of products designed, engineered, and manufactured by AERON in its over 20-year history. The products are available for national retailers and wholesalers under the Belle Aroma® brand. Unique customization appointments such as colors, slide design, vacuum plating, and other decorative finishes, and scent selection are available in the company’s white label program.

AERON was founded in 1996 with Smith’s invention of the Drive Time® Power Car Fragrancer™ an essential oil diffuser for use in vehicles.

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