Advanced Injury Care Clinic Shares Important Steps To Take After Car Accidents

Advanced Injury Clinic in Nashville, TN, has recently shared a blog post that explains what to do after being in a car accident. The blog post can be read here: The Nashville chiropractic clinic provides premier treatment for auto accident victims. Advanced Injury Clinic emphasizes that car accident victims should "never drive away from the scene of an accident, even if it's minor."

The Nashville car accident clinic advises car accident victims to “pull off to the side of the road, and if you can't, set up flares or keep your flashers on if you don't have flares.” The accident vehicles should “remain where they are unless they're in the way of traffic.”
The blog post also emphasizes moving to a safe spot to the side of the road and calling the police without wasting time. A police report is essential in the event the victim chooses to file a claim with their insurance company.

A severely injured accident victim should not try to move, advises the chiropractic clinic in Nashville, adding “wait for emergency services.” According to the Advanced Injury Clinic, “If anyone involved in the crash seems to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, tell that to the 911 dispatcher when you call them.” The victim should try to gather accident details and photos if possible to be compensated for damages. “Start by collecting information from the other people involved in the accident.” Advanced Injury Care Clinic also suggests taking pictures of the damaged vehicles and injuries without interfering with the ongoing police investigation at the scene of the accident.

The Nashville auto accident clinic warns of discussing the incident with anybody else except their car accident attorney. AICC also suggests limiting the discussion to answering police questions without admitting any fault or liability. “And only speak about your accident with the police, medical professionals, and your personal injury attorney.” The top Nashville chiropractic clinic cautions against signing a document without first consulting with a car accident attorney. The blog post talks about the importance of reporting the accident to the insurance companies immediately.

The chiropractic clinic suggests victims figure out what type of insurance coverage and benefits they have. Car accident victims with Medpay should submit any accident-related medical bills to their insurance company. The Nashville chiropractor states that the victim’s primary health insurance provider is responsible for covering their medical bill when their Medpay is exhausted.

The best personal injury lawyers in Nashville can come to the rescue of car accident victims and protect their rights. “Your attorney will make sure you don't say anything that can hurt your claim. They will advise you on matters that will ensure that the insurance companies fully compensate you for your property damages and medical expenses.” Auto accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so victims do not have to worry about paying the legal expenses until they get the desired compensation for their damages.

The best auto accident attorney in Nashville, TN, is aware of the statute of limitations in the state and can protect the victim’s claim. “You have limited time to settle your claim, and once that time is up, you lose your right to file a lawsuit. Your insurance company is under no obligation to help you settle your case before that deadline, so it's imperative to contact an injury lawyer that will protect your claim.”

The blog post advises victims to seek immediate medical care for a proper diagnosis of injuries that may be hidden, adding that even low-speed collisions or minor fender benders may result in permanent or severe injury to the spinal cord. In a previous press release, Advanced Injury Care Clinic explains benefits of chiropractic care after car accidents. Untreated injuries may haunt the victim for a lifetime, adds the blog post, suggesting to see the top Nashville car accident doctor immediately to get started with the treatment. Chiropractic care can help strengthen insurance claims as chiropractors can document injuries and create a medical report. “A chiropractic adjustment can also restore your range of motion by returning your joints to their proper alignment and by mobilizing your spine. Chiropractic treatments are also non-invasive, and they don't require the use of addictive pain medications or invasive surgeries.”

Advanced Injury Care Clinic's chiropractors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of auto accident injuries, helping patients make a full recovery. The top team of Nashville chiropractors can submit the patient’s medical records and bills to the insurance company and refer them to an experienced personal injury attorney to carry forward their compensation claim. An auto accident victim should seek the services of chiropractic care as soon as possible. The top car accident chiropractors in Nashville at Advanced Injury Care Clinic are available for a free consultation at 615-265-0412.


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