Advanced Health and Education Offers Clients a Unique Approach To Recovery

Eatontown, NJ: Sprout: Advanced Health is a specialty addiction treatment center in New Jersey. The facility offers a variety of outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment levels for clients. Treatment levels and service offerings include inpatient referrals, partial care outpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, referrals for long-term programs, detox referrals, and a coordinated aftercare plan with an expansive network of addiction specialists.

Providing options for various levels of care is a key component of Sprout: Advanced Health's mission as one of the leading addiction treatment care providers in the state. Through a combination of on-site treatment services and referrals to other well-suited providers, individuals seeking treatment for addiction are certain to find the help they need with this organization.

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In an effort to provide their clients with various options and treatment philosophies that best suit each individual, Sprout: Advanced Health offers addiction treatment with a highly personalized and unique approach. Treatment at this facility is based upon the belief that each client is an individual, has different needs, and has a different story to tell related to addiction.

Traditional addiction therapies are still used and implemented at this facility, but Sprout: Advanced Health did not settle for the industry standard. Instead, the rehab center offers nontraditional programming to give clients the opportunity to discover what kind of treatment works best for them. This facility recognizes that square-shaped clients cannot always fit into circle-shaped molds, so to speak.

Instead of pressuring clients to fit into standardized treatment plans, Sprout: Advanced Health offers an experiential approach that lets clients see the possibilities of addiction treatment in a new light. These alternative recovery and wellness programs include the incorporation of guided meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, eastern philosophies, somatic experiences, and mindfulness.

The organization explains that such techniques are intended to “help clients feel more comfortable with treatment, and within their own bodies.” Providing alternate paths to addiction treatment is a reflection of the organization’s belief that there are many paths to a successful recovery. The inclusion of this alternative programming greatly supports Sprout: Advanced Health's mission to provide each client with an individualized treatment plan.

Should a client develop significant interest in any kind of alternative addiction treatment, whether it be yoga or aromatherapy, the rehab center has noted that counselors will be available to connect clients with those resources during the development of an individualized aftercare plan. Providing clients with a seamless and easy transition from facility programming to alternative programming with a different organization is highly important for the New Jersey team.

Individuals interested in learning more about Sprout: Advanced Health's Alternative Health & Wellness Program can visit the organization’s website, or contact them by calling (855) 531-7431.


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