Action 1 Construction Launches New Website For Home Services

Action 1 Construction is pleased to announce the launch of their new website and new services. Through the launch of the new website, the company hopes to highlight all the new services they offer while featuring their many, fairly priced home improvement services.

Action 1 Construction provides a vast range of services. In order to ensure that clients have a better understanding of the services provided and the quality of their work, the company has built the new website to boast many features, such as galleries to showcase their workmanship. The company offers cleaning, repair and home improvement services.

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To quote the website, “It’s more important than ever in today’s economy to partner with a reliable contractor who understands your needs, your budget and can deliver value. At Action 1 Construction, we strive to attain 100% customer satisfaction, and it has been proven with returned customers and referrals. Over the years, our General Contractors have worked in many fields in the construction industry, and have come to specialize in remodeling, fencing, roofing, insulation, pressure cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control and restoration services.”

Under the general umbrella of assistance with repairs, the team offers professional commercial and residential restoration services. They specialize in restoration after water damage, which is no easy task. After a flood, for example, a homeowner may be unsure of how to proceed. By calling Action 1 to handle the problem, however, they can be reassured that the situation will be handled promptly. The company will dispatch a team of friendly and knowledgeable service professionals to the client’s property (the team would like to point out that this can usually be done on the same day of the client’s call). The newly launched website shows the many different options available for restoration, as well as the company’s other services.

The team’s first step will be to diagnose the problem. The professionals at Action 1 Construction will then provide the client with a complete estimate of how long the restoration will take, what it will involve and how much it will cost. This ensures that a client is given a realistic expectation of what to expect. The next step for the Action 1 Construction team will be to get started on solving the client’s problem. To quote the website, “There are several steps that need to be taken in order to make sure that the job is done correctly. Our goal will be to get your property back to its original condition in as short a time as possible. We will also take steps to prevent the issue from occurring again.”

The company also provides remodeling under their home improvement service options. Action 1 provides remodeling services with the goal of delivering the best service a client could imagine. It does not matter what size one’s home is or what changes one wishes to have done, the team at Action 1 can help. They are experts in all areas of home repair, installation, maintenance, building and more. A client may have a to-do list that they cannot seem to get through, or they simply do not have the time or the right tools to complete everything on said list. The team of reliable and experienced professionals at the company, who are experts in the field, will make the best use of Action 1 Construction resources to complete any home repairs.

If one were to take remodeling a kitchen as an example, there are many different aspects that will be handled by the construction team. In order to redesign the kitchen to better suit a client’s needs, the team will undertake any construction and repairs that must be done. One might simply want to replace old cabinets with a more modern option, or perhaps increase the water pressure in the sink. No matter what the task at hand, the Action 1 team is well equipped and ready to tackle any job. Some of the additional tasks the team can handle include installing flooring (stone, linoleum or tile), wall coverings (paint, wallpaper borders) and replacing or changing the height of existing countertops or cabinets. To quote the new website, “All you have to do is provide complete instructions, pick the time and date and consider it done.”

To learn more about Action 1 Construction, one may visit the newly launched website. The company can also be contacted directly via phone or email.


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