Acquiring the latest Crochet Stitching Knitting Patterns Becoming a Specialty of The Funky Stitch Website

The Funky Stitch is a website that is dedicated to featuring the latest designs and patterns that have been collected from all over the internet. This includes some of the latest trends in crochet patterns. It allows those that go to its website to see the latest creations they can make by crocheting yarn, thread, and other fabrics. The company even takes many of the latest crochet designs they have acquired and puts them out in a crocheting book of the month.

Jesse Luginbuhl, a company representative, says, “One of the things that we here at The Funky Stitch enjoy doing the most is putting together our crochet book of the month. That’s because just like you, we love crocheting and are always amazed by the incredible designs that people create. It is also one of the types of needlework that our guests that visit our website check out the most often. We will continue to do what it takes to inform our website users of the latest and most creative crochet patterns and trends that become available.”

According to Luginbuhl, there are several reasons why crocheting has become so popular among those that enjoy needlework. Some of that of course has to do with the fact that it’s easier to master for most people than more traditional knitting. This also stems from the wide variety of items that can be made by crocheting. Many of which are attractive, beneficial, or useful in some way. She says that there is also something special that comes from the fact that someone personally made a crocheted item that was then gifted.

Not only are they at the company amazed at the incredible crochet designs that people create, but they are also amazed at what can be put together using these designs. Crochet enthusiasts have come up with ways to create such decorative items as afghans, baby blankets & booties, scarves, shawls, hats, granny squares, purses, and tote bags. Even curtains, socks, and jewelry have been created through the use of different crochet techniques. The company representative also talked about how crocheted items can be put together with other types of material to create custom products and gifts. This includes adding edgings to clothes, blankets, pillows, and more. Their monthly crochet book also includes designs that can be made using a variety of different crochet stitches. This includes the chain, slip, single & double, half double, treble, and double & triple treble stitches. She says that some of the latest crochet patterns posted on their website include those that are ideal for practicing tall stitches, 11-star stitch crochet patterns, and the best baby cocoon patterns.

Another specialty of The Funky Stitch is the many different Macrame Patterns that they have collected and present on their website. Luginbuhl says that for those that are not familiar with macrame it is quite different from knitting and crocheting. That’s because it uses a series of special knots to form a pattern with yarn, chord, or other materials. Most people have seen examples of macrame near the entranceways of homes, apartments, and townhouses as they make a very attractive plant holder or decoration. She added that on their website they have several patterns available for this type of macrame use. Their website even has articles that are dedicated to how to do specific macrame knots. This includes the basic lark’s head knot, reverse lark’s head knot, square knots & half knots, and the traditional, diagonal, horizontal clove hitches. The company representative stated that macrame can be used for more than just creating decorative plant-holders too. This includes patterns that can be used to make interesting laptop covers and keychains. On their website, they even feature macrame designs that can be used to create a unique and beautiful macrame wall hanging. Something that has become a mainstream decorating trend over the last few years.

Luginbuhl pointed out that it really does not matter if a person is into macrame, crocheting, knitting, stitching, or any other type of needlework or craft-making techniques, they can find many ideas for items to create using these methods right on The Funky Stitch website.


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