Acme Concrete Provides Reliable Floor Leveling and Repair Services for Garages, Interiors, Sidewalks, Patios, Porches, Steps, and Stoops

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair, Inc. specializes in restoring the pitch and grade of sunken concrete using the correct polyurethane materials for the job. Its choice of materials and equipment delivers results that mudjacking cannot; the business has helped many commercial and residential customers restore properties affected by settled concrete.

According to announcements released by Acme Concrete, Inc., the business uses its exclusive Smart Lift System to restore floors that have sunk or are tilted due to settling of the subbase.

The Acme Concrete Smart Lift System is a one-of-a-kind solution that combines specialized equipment, high-performance materials, and unmatched expertise, ensuring that clients receive the best value during a garage floor leveling repair project. With this business's services available, property owners need not settle for inferior alternatives like mudjacking or generic polylift systems.

Acme Concrete states that concrete represents a significant investment, and if it isn't raised or stabilized correctly, one could be faced with the costly task of replacing it. Concrete raising, deep injection, void filling, and stabilization are highly technical services that require the expertise of a specialized company. Entrusting these services to a multi-service company can put concrete, property, and finances at risk.

The Smart Lift System comprises carefully chosen components that guarantee optimal repairs. With advanced Air-Purged injection equipment, the high airflow injectors ensure better spread of the material beneath the concrete, resulting in enhanced support. The air purging feature also enables precise lifts without the need for re-drilling. The customized and advanced system allows Acme Concrete to closely monitor the mix ratio during application, ensuring consistent material quality throughout a project.

The business's expertise in repairing damaged garage floors caused by subbase or ground settlement involves filling voids and raising settling areas with a specialized polyurethane material.

Uneven surfaces, cracks, unwanted water pooling, and feeling a noticeable "bump" when entering a garage could indicate a significant underlying problem: ground settlement. It is crucial to address this issue promptly, and Acme Concrete helps with its prompt and cost-effective concrete lifting solutions for driveways and garage floors.

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According to sources, Acme Concrete Raising & Repair has worked on projects where limitations inherent with older technologies disallow mudjacking. One such challenging case handled by this business was in Lincolnshire, IL, where an interior floor within Building 100 at Tri-State International collapsed along an exterior wall. Scans conducted with Ground Penetrating Radar revealed significant gaps below the slab. The engineering firm that inspected the site recommended polyurethane injections to fill the void and raise the slab. Acme Concrete Raising & Repair was selected for the job. The business preferred to use its Smart Lift System to execute repairs.

Experts from Acme Concrete first drilled a grid on the injection holes spaced around 4 feet apart across the area to be repaired. They then installed deep injection tubes to access the subgrade. Polyurethane was then pumped through the tubes up to five feet below the surface of the concrete to fill the gaps and stabilize the area through soil compaction to ensure that the slab rests on a solid base. The stable slab was then raised to the correct grade and pitch with shallow injections. The polyurethane used by Acme Concrete is 100% water resistant, cures very fast, and fulfills the compressive strength criteria for D.O.T. projects.

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair said, "You should hire Acme Concrete Raising & Repair because we're Chicagoland's Original Polyurethane Concrete Raising and Stabilization Specialists! For most of our competitors, polylifting, or polyjacking is an "add-on" service to other business functions. These are companies that perform garage floor coatings, waterproofing, or even mudjacking. Companies providing multiple services are not experts in any service they provide. The bottom line is that these competitors don't depend on being "the best" when it comes to lifting concrete with polyurethane. Other service offerings are what keep them going. We, on the other hand, depend completely on knocking every job out of the park."

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About the Company:

Acme Concrete combines specialized expertise with the latest equipment, materials, and modern procedures to raise sidewalks and ensure safe walking facilities. The business has created the Smart Lift System, a reliable solution to settled concrete exclusively provided in Chicagoland. The services provided by Acme Concrete are a value-for-money proposition for its clients.


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