Accredited Preschool Lil' Einstein's Learning Academy Is Taking Enrollments For The 2021 School Year

Lil' Einstein's Learning Academy, a licensed daycare center and accredited preschool in Elkton, MD is taking enrollments for the 2021 school year.

Lil' Einstein's Learning Academy offers childcare programs such as infant care, toddler care, preschool, before & after school care for Kenmore Elementary School, and the famous summer day camp - Camp LELA. Although every center is individually owned and operated, a top-rated consulting agency that has over 35 years of experience operating successful daycares and preschools along the East Coast runs the centers and maintains consistency across all of them.

The academy’s preschool program is specifically designed to prepare 3 to 5-year olds for kindergarten readiness. The main goal of the program is to make the child fall in love with learning and coming to school. The program aims to remove the fear of school that young children might have that might keep them from making the most out of their time spent in the classroom. The academy says that its teaching professionals work independently with the students to ensure that the small and large group activities are being retained and understood appropriately.

Lil’ Einstein’s classrooms have been specifically designed keeping the needs of playful and active preschoolers in mind. Each area of the classroom is designed to enhance the children’s learning experience by incorporating each center with manipulatives and resources that coincide with the curriculum being taught week to week. This dynamic changing of resources keeps the classroom fresh and eliminates boredom.

In a statement regarding the academy’s approach to child learning, a spokesperson says, “A child’s education truly begins at a young age when their minds are the most receptive. Apart from a loving and caring life at home, it is necessary to let them frolic and play with others like them to develop key social skills that contribute to their holistic growth. The environment that one creates for a growing mind today will govern whether the child grows up to be a productive adult in the future. We recognize the importance of the task that the parents are handing over to us. We understand the necessity of creating a nurturing and fruitful foundation that will benefit the child. We realize the weight of the responsibility and trust that the parents are placing in us when they drop off their kids at our academy every morning. We try our best to live up to it and frankly we have succeeded at it for decades. If you have children that are ready to take a peek outside of their nest, think of us and we will give your precious young ones the wings they need to fly and soar.”

A testimonial of the center’s programs highlighted on its website says, “For over a year Lil Einstein’s Learning Academy is just amazing with my child. It's a clean and well-respected establishment. The staff is amazing and you are treated like family. My child is receiving an excellent amount of education, and I love the different activities they have with children to keep them engaged and willing to learn and grow.”

A snippet of another testimonial from the center’s website says, “When we found Lil' Einstein's, we were extremely welcome with open arms and very kind staff that made it their mission to care for and watch over our daughter during the day. As our daughter transitions to kindergarten, she will no longer be attending Lil' Einsteins, we will be deeply saddened during this transition not to see all of the great teachers and staff that we have built beautiful relationships with over the last several years. The staff is tireless servant leaders that care deeply for the safety, security, and education of all children that attendance their daycare. I highly recommend Lil' Einstein's Learning Academy.”

The academy is located on Route 213 and it is directly across from Kenmore Elementary School. It can be reached at the phone number (410) 942-9090 for inquires. It is open from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday through Friday. The center claims to be the best option for those searching online for “Prekindergarten programs near me” in Cecil County.


For more information about Lil' Einstein's Learning Academy - Elkton, contact the company here:

Lil' Einstein's Learning Academy - Elkton
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