Accomplished New Jersey Special Needs Attorney, Christine Matus, Gives Her Thoughts on Special Needs Trusts

In a recent blog post, Christine Matus, a special needs trust attorney and founding partner of The Matus Law Group, shared her views on Special Needs Trusts (SNTs). She explained what trusts are and why they are a useful tool in protecting loved ones with disabilities. In her presentation, Ms. Matus provided the advantages, as well as possible disadvantages of creating SNTs. She believes that in many cases, the pros may outweigh the cons, and recommends the creation of SNTs as a viable option for those seeking to provide long-term security for their disabled loved ones.

The Matus Law Group has served the residents of New Jersey for over 20 years. As a special needs parent, Christine Matus, brings a depth of understanding and commitment to the table, which guides the entire team in providing life-changing legal solutions for clients who have family members with special needs.

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When asked about her blog post, Ms. Matus reiterated the importance of Special Needs Trusts: “SNTs can be used to help disabled family members avoid being penalized for receiving gifts or personal injury settlements. No, they’re not perfect, but they can, in many cases, provide a level of peace of mind that is priceless.” She also believes SNTs can help many families to avoid unfavorable situations in later years: “We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so if you’re in a position to do something now, then you should establish a Special Needs Trust now, while the grass is still green, because circumstances may change tomorrow, leaving your disabled loved ones, literally out in the cold. I’ve seen it happen; it’s really sad.”

In the post, Ms. Matus explained the major features of SNTs and outlined the conditions required for SNTs to be created. She also raised possible disadvantages of SNTs, which include: The issue of cost and that SNTs can be expensive, they could potentially limit the independence of beneficiaries, and SNTs must reimburse the full amount beneficiary received from Medicaid.

While noting the drawbacks, Ms. Matus maintained her position put forth in her blog post and emphasized the safety net an SNT could potentially provide for families: “Raising a child with special needs is tough, believe me, I know. That’s why you can’t afford to take any chances. Yes, it’s not the most convenient option, but in terms of ensuring that should anything happen to you, your special needs child will be ok, creating a Special Needs Trust can make a safe path for the future of your disabled child.”

Matus Law Group is a highly respected Special Needs Trust Attorney law practice in New Jersey. They have offices in Tom’s River, Red Bank, and New York City. As a special needs parent, founding partner, Christine Matus, understands the unique challenges potential clients face and is ready to help parents navigate the legal dynamics of providing for their disabled loved ones. If anyone is interested to read the entire blog post, it can be found on The Matus Law Group’s website.


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