Accomplished Healthcare WhistleblowerLawyer, Arvind Khurana, Explains What a Healthcare Whistleblower May be Eligible to Receive as a Reward

New York, NY - Fraud and false claims made to the government in the healthcare industry is a crime of high interest. The False Claims Act allows any individual who may have information that may support the proof of fraudulent activity against the government to contact an attorney and bring forth a case in exchange for a reward. A healthcare whistleblower lawyer can assist in presenting cases against Medicare or Medicaid fraud.

Healthcare whistleblower lawyer, founder, and leading attorney at Khurana Law Firm, Arvind Bob Khurana, understands that it can be a difficult decision to bring forth information regarding potential fraud in the healthcare industry. He, as well as the rest of his team, strive to provide everyday citizens with services that will help them file whistleblower lawsuits.

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“Whistleblower cases require a high level of diligence during the investigation. We always want to set our clients up to receive the best possible outcome and because of that, we take our time with every single case. We feel that it is our job to do the heavy lifting and to be transparent and honest with the realities of a case with our clients. Both with what a potential reward could be of a case and what the potential downside could be. We want our clients to feel comfortable and safe with every step of the process.”

Khurana explains how a reward for a successful whistleblower case works. How potential compensation is determined and a brief explanation of some additional factors that come into play. Essentially, rewards for a whistleblower case are the result of a percentage of the money that has been recovered by the government from the whistleblower’s complaint. One of the main factors for calculating the percentage is whether or not the government decides to intervene in a case.

“It is important to understand that even though a reward is a percentage of the total amount of money that is recovered to the government, it can still be a very substantial amount of money. Aside from the monetary incentive to come forward, it is important for our clients to understand that bringing forth knowledge of healthcare-related fraud is helping all American taxpayers.”

Khurana Law Firm represents whistleblowers nationwide. The knowledgeable lawyers come with years of experience in whistleblower lawsuits. They believe that when there is justice against wrongful fraud, everyone wins. Khurana and his firm belief that individuals who have information regarding the fraudulent activity against Medicare or Medicaid need support from lawyers who understand the nuances and complexities of whistleblower cases in the healthcare field. Deciding to blow the whistle can be scary and Khurana Law Firm states that the information regarding the clients and of the whistleblower’s case is kept confidential and that there are provisions in place under The False Claims Act that help protect individuals against retaliation. Those who would like to learn more about Khurana Law Firm, P.C, visit their website at


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