Accelerate One's Innovation Agenda Using Early Birds Explorer Subscription, Now Available In Aws Marketplace

EarlyBirds is pleased to announce its open innovation ecosystem is now available in AWS Marketplace. EarlyBirds platform is designed to help customers to accelerate and scale their innovation roadmap by using existing innovations from over millions of innovators on its platform. Now Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer can procure EarlyBirds’ Explorer subscription in AWS Marketplace that provides access to the listed Innovations, Innovators as well as list their own challenges. EarlyBirds platform offers a global innovation ecosystem comprising Innovators, Early Adopters, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) consultants.

Currently, EarlyBirds has in excess of 1M Innovators, over 100 SME Consultants and more than 400 organisations on the platform. Subscribers are able to search, discover and engage Innovators, Early Adopters and Experts in the open ecosystem. The highly scalable EarlyBirds platform is powered by AWS and is open to subscribers all over the world.

It works by Innovators, tech startups, scaleups or mature, listing their solution and Early Adopter, private and public sector organisations looking for innovations, listing their business challenges, and similarly SME consultants listing their skills and experience. All of this is searchable on the platform including the ability to engage with subscribers and purchase solutions or services and resolve business challenges.

EarlyBirds Marketplace gives Innovators a unique opportunity to promote and sell their Innovative solution or for Early Adopter organisations needing to identify Innovative solutions to resolve business challenges. In addition, EarlyBirds offers two programs, Explorer and Challenger, for Early Adopter organisations needing assistance to accelerate their innovation agendas.

The Explorer Program provides ‘Innovation as a Service’ to Early Adopters that need to supplement their innovation programs or deliver on demand resources to run innovation programs as and when needed. The Challenger Program is a short five stage approach to solving business challenges with disruptive technology using EarlyBirds’ SMEs and its big data pool of Innovators.

“The release of EarlyBirds’ explorer subscription in AWS Marketplace will help customers preferring to procure quickly through AWS Marketplace to accelerate their innovation agenda promptly,” said Kris Poria, Co-founder of EarlyBirds.

“The global innovation ecosystem is distributed across the world and EarlyBirds created its open ecosystem platform to provide a single way of identifying disruptive solutions and engaging with emerging tech providers,” said Jeff Penrose, Co-founder of EarlyBirds.


For more information about Early Birds Marketplace, contact the company here:

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