Acacia Dental Group Delivers Best Teeth Whitening Service In Canberra

Phillip, ACT-based Acacia Dental Group is pleased to report that their goal of providing the best teeth whitening service in Canberra has officially been realised. This is due to the fact that Acacia Dental Group uses one of the more effective teeth whitening technologies on the market: the Philips Zoom Whitespeed In-chair whitening treatment. They assert that it can make teeth whiter by up to 8 shades.

The Philips Zoom Whitespeed In-chair option is widely considered among experts to be the leading whitening treatment currently available. This clinically-proven system uses an LED light in combination with a special gel to produce a distinctly noticeable whitening effect. The light also has the additional advantage of speeding up the whitening process, ensuring that patients who opt for this procedure can enjoy a relatively short session (under an hour) that nonetheless delivers excellent results.

According to Dr. Sirisha Yalamanchili, a dentist and co-owner at Acacia Dental Group, the procedure only takes around 45 minutes, a period that virtually anyone will be able to fit into a regular day. It is not painful either, given that the dentists at Acacia Dental Group are able to customise the treatment based on each patient’s preferences. This means that the dental clinic, located in Woden, Canberra, is able to accommodate more sensitive patients as well, and Dr. Yalamanchili reassures the community that they only have to let their dentist know how they feel during the preliminary consultation, show up for their appointment and then sit back and relax until the treatment is complete.

The dentist adds, “Also, Acacia Dental Group is very competitively priced, with savings of up to $530. With a Philips Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening, you also get a free take-home whitening kit.” Learn more here: Cosmetic Dentistry Canberra.

Patients will also be relieved to learn that there is some room for change if they are in any way unsatisfied with their smile once the treatment is concluded. Dr. Yalamanchili and her colleagues make it a point to give patients an immediate chance to check out their results, and they can make certain adjustments in the event the patient feels it is necessary. Following this, the patient need not go out of their way to take care of their teeth — the clinic simply recommends that they practice good oral hygiene, as would be expected if they had not opted for this procedure at all. This habit alone, the clinic assures, will help the patient’s teeth retain their beautiful appearance for up to three years following their whitening procedure.

To round off their excellent service, the clinic also gives patients a complimentary Zoom take-home whitening kit (worth $250). This kit is much more effective than those available at non-dental providers, which means users will experience great results. While patients may save their kit to brush up their smile in the future, the clinic also suggests that they may gift it to a friend or family member who is similarly trying to bring out their best smile.

Those interested in having their teeth whitened are welcome to contact the clinic and schedule a consultation, completely free of charge. This 15 minute session will give them a chance to tell their dentist what they would like to achieve and then be informed of their options. Patients can also use this session to review alternatives with their dentist as well as find out what they may expect during and after the procedure.

One reason the clinic offers free consultations is to give those considering other avenues of teeth whitening more insight before they commit to an option they might regret. For instance, many beauty salons offer teeth whitening as a service (and DIY kits are available at many commercial outlets) but these come with certain safety concerns. A regulated dental professional, on the other hand, is far more likely to offer a satisfactory service that delivers results, remains comfortable and keeps the patient safe at all times.

Patients may contact Acacia Dental Group’s office to schedule their free consultation. More information is also available on the clinic’s website. Read more about teeth whitening and Acacia Dental Group’s approach to this particular service at the following link: Best Teeth Whitening In Canberra.


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