AC Repair Expert Publishes New Google Website

Houston based air conditioning service Air Check Mechanical Service has published a new Google MyBusiness Website at With the new site, the AC repair company offers yet another highly accessible avenue for customers to read about and contact the firm.

While current temperatures in Houston, TX do offer a bit of a respite from the kind of punishing heat that the area suffers under during the summer months, it is actually an excellent time to consider a full AC inspection by qualified professionals like those at Air Check. Stopping an AC problem now before air conditioning is an absolute must is always the best way to go.

"This is really the best time of year for folks to consider an AC inspection at their home or commercial building," said Donald Compton, spokesperson for Air Check Mechanical Service and experienced HVAC owner and technician. "If your air conditioning isn't cooling properly or is creating hot spots in your home now, it's almost automatic that when the summer heat creeps in, it's going to be much worse."

The HVAC industry tends to have a relatively seasonal schedule in Texas, where the winter and early spring months are typically not incredibly hot or cold. While this year's freeze was a truly problematic exception, the spring months are always a great opportunity to have a professional properly examine a home or commercial building's entire HVAC system, making the necessary improvements and repairs before the summer rush occurs.

During the summer in South Houston, nearly every instance of air conditioning malfunction or disrepair is an emergency, and customers throughout the area can sometimes find it difficult to find prompt repair help. One of the best ways to avoid a summer meltdown is to address the issue - no matter how small it seems - in March, April or even May, before the rush.

"In an area like Houston, where air conditioning units can run without much of a break for months at a time, keeping up proper maintenance schedules is extremely important," said Compton. "Absolutely any signs of disrepair or difficulty are always best taken care of in the spring, when most AC repair services have the time and man power to take on jobs. Once we're into June and July, demand goes up not only for air conditioning, but also for air conditioning professionals."

The company's new Google MyBusiness website offers an excellent description of the company's services. Currently, the company offers a 15% discount on repairs for new customers, and is looking forward to expanding its client base in the Sugarland region, as well as other areas of South Houston.

Air Check Mechanical Service offers furnace repair and installation as well, which is a concept that may not be on local minds now, but really should be. Weather patterns can be sharp and surprising in Houston, and although the likelihood of a cold snap is low, the recent Texas freeze should be instructive for folks who like to be prepared.

"Just like AC in the summer, a failing furnace during a cold snap in Houston can be a terrible thing," said Compton. "Preparing your home to be the most comfortable it can be means there is no need to worry when winter arrives."

The new site is also a great place to view some of Air Check's new customer reviews, which have been five star level reviews across the board. A recent customer noted, as an example, that a recent AC installation went off without a hitch, and was completed with same day service. It's a single example, but not the only one, of Air Check Mechanical Service's strong customer service.


For more information about Air Check Mechanical Service, contact the company here:

Air Check Mechanical Service
Donald Compton
(832 ) 935-5663
4314 Almeda Meadows Drive
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