Abreu Movers in Bronx Offering Top Notch Moving Services Also Offering Labor Services for Packing, Unpacking, Loading, Unloading, Assembly & Disassembly and More

Offering Labor Services for Packing, Unpacking, Loading, Unloading, Assembly & Dis-assembly and More

Bronx, New York – 23rd January 2021 – Abreu Movers are the leading Bronx movers in Bronx offering top notch moving services since 2013. Local moving or inter-state relocation, this leading moving company in Bronx caters to all types of moves. The professional moving team has been working with Abreu for many years now. Their knowledge, expertise and skills is what makes this company stand out from the other movers in the state. The sales team too is equipped with complete knowledge to offer a full moving quote along with suggesting the most economical way for long distance moves. Their broad range of services include New York City local moving, long distance relocation, international moving and storage services.

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For any customer who has to move whether locally or internationally, the primary concern is that of packing at source and unpacking at arrival. The other concern is with regards to their precious items, how they would be packed and their safety till they reach the destination. Customers don’t have to worry at all as the moving teams here are extremely cautious when it comes to packing the valuables such as crockery, glass items, antiques, appliances, art work, pianos, etc. They also pack, crate, wrap, hoist and prepare items for storage. Items such as boats, pool tables, cars and other bulky items too are handled carefully.

From the smallest to the bulkier of items, the team here takes great care in ensuring that the items are packed carefully and that they reach the destination original condition. This full service moving company in Bronx handles all the tasks from start to finish with no middlemen. The moving coordinators keep the customers apprised of their routes and transit status from the time the packages leave the city up until they arrive at the destination. They are fully bonded and insures and are eligible for performing any type of moving services Bronx and New York City.

The movers in Bronx also offer storage facilities that are clean, well-lit and monitored 24/7 and is fully insured. The storage coordinators prepare completely inventory list and label the packages with color-coded stickers. A variety of storage options are provide which can accommodate household belongings of a 3 bedroom house. Sealed storage vaults that are temperature controlled keep the cargo safe and clean. Customers can also opt for labor only services for all or any of the tasks including packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, assembly, dis-assembly and more. With over 700 moves every year to over 140 cities, Abreu Movers remains the first choice for local as well as national customers.

Abreu Movers are the Bronx movers in Bronx and offers daily moving services to Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island and New Jersey. This reputed moving company in Bronx also offers storage services to help customers keep their belongings safe until they could be retrieved.



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