Aayu Clinics Opens Second COVID 19 Testing Site in Chicago

Aayu Clinics, based in Chicago, IL, is pleased to announce the opening of their second free COVID-19 testing location at 1317 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60642. This is a new drive-through location where the only requirement is for a person to make an appointment on their website prior to arriving. With this one-stop drive-through testing center, a person can be tested in just 15 minutes. Testing is free if the individual has health insurance. And for anyone without insurance, the CARES act will take care of the evaluation and coronavirus testing costs.

Abhijit Shinde, Director of Aayu Clinics, says, “We are very pleased to announce that we have just opened our second COVID-19 testing site in Chicago. Getting tested at our new location only requires a simple three-step process. Our only mission at Aayu Clinics is to help you optimize your health through the provision of excellent and proper medical care. Our urgent care offices in Chicago are open seven days a week for your convenience.”

The first step is to schedule an appointment with the testing site by registering online through their website. A person who wants to register will need to provide his or her information including insurance information. In case, the individual has no insurance and want to benefit from coverage with the CARES plan, SSN# will have to be provided.

In the second step, the individual goes to the testing location at the time set in the appointment. A brief telemedicine consultation will occur while the person is still in the car. An in-person consultation may also be allowed for those on foot. The person will be asked regarding the symptoms experienced. At this point, the individual may ask for a rapid test if desired. The swabs are then collected and he or she drives away.

The third step is getting the results. Rapid test results will be texted within one to two hours, while the results of the PCR test will be emailed within one to two days. In the event that the lab is handling a substantial number of tests at that time, it may take three days for the results to get emailed.

Aayu Clinics also offers telemedicine services, which means that patients can request for medical consultations from the convenience of their home. Here, patients would be able to consult with an experienced physician 24/7 for urgent care requirements.

And for urgent care, Aayu Clinics are open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm every day for in-person consultations. The urgent care treatment will usually last one hour for most patients, depending on the number of patients that are in the clinic at that particular time. It is also important to note that for urgent care, there would be no need to call ahead or schedule an appointment.

They also offer primary care in which they employ a whole-body approach, combining medicine with nutrition, naturopathy, and wellness. They will look not just at the patient’s medical history but also family history and social history. And because 86 percent of diseases at the present time are lifestyle-drive and chronic, they combine conventional medicine and the most advanced genetic testing methods with botanical and herbal therapies, including lifestyle and nutrition changes to help in curing and preventing illnesses.

The naturopathic approach that they take utilizes natural remedies that may help the body to heal itself. It is believed that the body has the capability to heal itself when it has proper nourishment and the naturopathic doctor creates a treatment plan that considers the whole person. Some of the approaches that can bring the body back to good health include homeopathy, mind-body therapies, botanical medicine, supplements, lifestyle counseling, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, and nutrient IV therapy.

Aayu Clinics also provides an integrative mental health clinic in which they take a holistic approach to mental health that combines exercise, mindfulness, lifestyle, medications, and therapy when needed.

Those who are interested in learning more about the new COVID-19 testing site in Chicago may want to check out the Aayu Clinics website at chicagocovidtest.com, or contact on the phone or through email.


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