A Trusted Company Offering Bail Bonds in Pickens County is Announcing Their Classes for Certifications

Pickens County, Ala. – Oftentimes, to improve or maintain anything, whether it be a complex system of people with differing duties or simply a new mother’s cooking skills, education is the key. Alabama Bail Bonds understands the importance of education, especially within the complex judicial system. As a Pickens County bail bonds company, they are pleased to announce their upcoming continuing education classes.

While COVID-19 put a stop to many events and traditions, Alabama Bail Bonds did not allow it to stop them. They deemed it important to make sure their continuing education classes were still offered. This year, they are offering them both in-person and online over Zoom, allowing individuals to choose which option they are most comfortable with.

There are two different courses coming up, both of which fall under “Ethics in Bail with Phillip Kinney, Esq.” The two courses include the handcuffing course and the use of force/de-escalation course. The students attending may choose whether they would like to become certified in the skill being taught. The handcuffing course can be taken on either Sept. 24 or Oct. 7, and the use of force/de-escalation course can be taken on either Sept. 25 or Oct. 8. To register, one can click this link and choose their preferred classes and dates, as well as whether they would like to take it online or in-person: https://albailbondsassociation.com/education/.

As a dedicated bail bonds company in Pickens County, AL, Alabama Bail Bonds strives to make the bail process run as smoothly as possible for each individual they work with and to be an assistance to their community in any way they can. For more information regarding their bail bonds services, give Alabama Bail Bonds a call today at (205) 454-0076 or visit them online at www.alabailbonds.com.


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