A San Francisco Bus Rental with US Coachways Can Help Minimize Virus Exposure During Travel

A US Coachways San Francisco charter bus rental may just be the mode of travel that has the least amount of virus risk when going to and from this popular west coast city. That is not something that should be easily overlooked as the ongoing Pandemic is predicted to get worse before it gets better. There is nothing that would take away from the enjoyment of a group trip to San Francisco more than if a few of its members ended up getting the virus. The company acknowledges that San Francisco truly is a captivating place to visit or attend an event, but it makes that experience even better when the risk of exposure to the virus during the travel portion of the trip is kept as minimal as possible.

The company representative, Mark Telmany, says, “It’s no secret that California has been one of the hardest-hit states during the ongoing pandemic. With enough vaccinations to stem the tide of the pandemic in the state still several months away, travelers are wise to continue taking precautions when going to the San Francisco area. If you are touring San Francisco or attending an event there as a group, there is perhaps no better means of transportation to help lessen the risk of virus exposure as you travel there and back than our charter bus rentals.”

Telmany said he believes that their San Francisco bus rental trips pose less risk to virus exposure because the group’s organizer can ‘control the environment’ of the travel portion of the trip. They do that by establishing both the group’s preconditions for travel and how the group will conduct itself while traveling back and forth. He says that this means that the group’s organizer can do such things as mandate that everyone going on the trip have a negative Covid-19 test result beforehand. They can also ask the group members not to venture out into crowded places once they have gotten their negative test results back. The company representative says in that scenario, everyone will be aware that those sitting around them on the bus have been taking precautions against catching the virus.

This is so much different than traveling by public bus, airplane, or train. He says on those modes of transportation, a person will have no idea what the health status is of the person sitting next to them or if they have been taking any precautions to keep from getting the virus. The group’s organizer will also determine the size of the bus to be chartered and the number of people allowed to travel. Telmany says this is ideal for groups that want to travel in a socially distanced manner. Their buses are also heavily sanitized according to CDC guidelines before each trip and the door to door service they offer in the city reduces virus exposure risk by their guests being able to avoid having to walk through crowds or take other forms of mass transportation. There are also no fees for a trip cancelation at the current time and their drivers will comply with all state, local, and CDC guidelines as far as the use of PPE’s is concerned.

The company representative added that there are other reasons that their charter bus rentals are great travel options besides just minimizing virus exposure too. This includes the fact that their charter buses come with many nice amenities. This includes plush high-back seats, pleasant surround sound stereo, and plenty of overhead and underneath storage. He went on to say that all of their charter bus trips feature experienced professional drivers that do not mind if the fun starts when everyone is on board and they know San Francisco and the other cities that their passengers want to visit very well.

Telmany says the company is always happy to help those who want more information on their charter bus trips over the phone or they can refer to the company website. Person’s interested in bus rentals for groups will also appreciate that the company has added a convenient cost calculator to their website. This is a great way to get a rough estimate of what it would cost each group member to travel to San Francisco or any other city that US Coachways serves.


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