A New Survey Tool is Helping FL Parents Find K-12 Scholarships for Their Children

In January, MyChoicesInEdFl.org released a new, free survey tool to help parents find the best educational fit for their child. Since the tool’s release, over 10,000 surveys have been completed by Florida parents and nearly 9,000 came back showing their student was eligible for one or more K-12 Scholarship Programs.

Parents across Florida are learning about K-12 scholarship opportunities, high quality public school choice options, special needs scholarships, scholarships for lower-income families, scholarships for students who have experienced bullying or harassment at a public school, and scholarships to help struggling readers improve their reading skills through tutoring, instructional materials, summer reading and after-school programs.

Florida Scholarship Survey

There are many options available, including some that Florida parents probably don’t know about yet. Interested parents can take the survey at https://mychoicesinedfl.org/take-the-survey/ and download their child’s personalized report with information on the scholarships available and how to apply.

Available K-12 Scholarship Programs include: Family Empowerment Scholarship, Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, Gardiner Scholarship, McKay Scholarship, Hope Scholarship, Reading Scholarship, and Opportunity Scholarship.


The survey is easy, short and free. Visit https://mychoicesinedfl.org/take-the-survey/ to learn if a child is eligible for one or more K-12 Scholarship programs.


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