A Naperville Shipping Store is Informing the Community of the 2021 United States Postal Service Price Adjustments

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Naperville, Ill. – The Boxes, Etc. is a local shipping store in Naperville, IL, able to ship any sized item to anywhere in the United States and almost anywhere in the world. Being a USPS Approved Shipper, The Boxes, Etc. is informing the community of the recently released USPS price adjustment plan for 2021.

Beginning on January 24, 2021, USPS rates will increase. Most likely, the cost of first-class mail will rise by 1.8 percent, and all other services will rise by 1.5 percent. In the example list of products that the USPS released to display its projected price change, there are five different products listed. One of these products is the one-ounce metered letter, which will rise from 50 cents to 51 cents. Similarly, domestic postcards will rise from 35 cents to 36 cents. Fortunately, all letters and flats that do not exceed one ounce will maintain their current costs, which are 55 cents and one dollar, respectively.

Even with this price increase, the USPS still provides some of the best prices, compared to other shipping services within the developed world. The price increase, while it may not seem extreme, will help provide the extra revenue that the USPS needs at this time. As 2021 comes closer, they look forward to receiving this needed increase in revenue, but more importantly, they take delight in that they will be able to continue offering affordable prices to the people of America.

The Boxes, Etc. has been serving a wide variety of customers for over 30 years, providing them with top-notch quality and service. They treat each package and letter as if it were their own, which is why they strive to provide the safest, simplest, and most cost-effective shipping services. For more information, give The Boxes, Etc. a call today at (630) 717-1351, or visit their website www.theboxesetc.com.


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