A Naperville Pack and Ship Center Highlights Formation of Decarbonization Coalition

Naperville, IL. - An industry coalition from the U.S. and Canada is forming to accelerate the shipping industry's journey to net-zero emissions by working together to achieve the goals they all have for reducing GHG emissions. According to the Naperville pack and ship center, the recently formed coalition is known as the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition. Shipowners, builders, charterers, financiers, classification organizations, port authorities, government, and non-government organizations have been recruited to participate and join in the initiatives. 

Blue Sky is a non-profit alliance whose members represent all sectors of the North American maritime value chain. Through its ventures, Blue Sky strives to achieve a commercially viable, net-zero emissions waterborne logistics division. 

Technology, infrastructure, and fuels will be the focus of the alliance, as well as regulations, incentives, financial structures for commercial and charter operations, and measurement and efficiency. The coalition will foster collaboration among stakeholders - regionally and globally - as well as recognize, evaluate, encourage, and engage in commercial and technical pathways and projects to reduce GHG emissions and achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions commercially viable.

Membership is permitted to all stakeholder organizations who are prepared to adhere to the membership responsibilities by actively participating in fulfilling the coalition’s declared goals and comply with the collation’s collaborative and antitrust provisions. 

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