A Local Shipping Store in Pensacola Warns Community About Porch Pirates

Naperville, Fla. — Piles of packages will soon start arriving on doorsteps across the country as we enter the busy holiday shipping season. Regrettably, this inflation of package deliveries also has an unfortunate downside - an increase in package thefts. Out of concern for their community, a local Pensacola shipping store is sharing the statistics surrounding such thefts and providing preventative measures that can be taken to outwit “Porch Pirates.”

As the number of gifts being mailed increases in response to the season and more and more people turn to eCommerce to purchase products, the number of packages being delivered to individuals and then left unattended for hours on end is at an all-time high. As a direct result, the amount of package thefts has risen. According to results found in a 2020 Package Theft Statistics Report found in an article published by Chicago-based C + R Research, “the number of respondents who reported having a package stolen rose from 36% in 2019 to 43% in 2020. And of the 43% who have had a package stolen, almost two-thirds (64%) say they’ve been a victim of package theft more than once. Nearly half (47%) filed a police report once they discovered their package had been stolen. The average value of the stolen package was $136, but thankfully, 81% say they received a refund on the stolen item(s).”

If individuals are looking for ways to safeguard packages delivered to their homes, there are several options. For example, a no-cost alternative would be to instruct delivery personnel to place packages in designated areas that are not visible from the street such as at a back door or even behind a large object such as a planter. Additionally, some shipping stores offer mailbox rental services that can be utilized for the delivery of packages to ensure that they are received by trusted employees and placed in a safe location until you are able to come and pick them up.

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