A Local RV Campground in Pensacola, FL is Highlighting Changes in RV Parking at Walmart

RV Campground in Pensacola, FLPensacola, FL- The Walmart brand has had an overall decrease in the number of stores around the nation allowing for overnight RV parking. The brand currently only allows free parking at only 58 percent of stores nationwide, which has been reduced by more than 20% since 2010. As a local RV Campground in Pensacola, FL, Avalon Landing knows that having a safe place to stop between destinations is of increasing importance.

With the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), more Americans than ever are purchasing RVs and opting for camping and outdoor activities over other vacations. A representative of the Walmart brand explained that the local store manager has the choice to allow overnight RV parking, and this information is not tracked by Walmart corporate.

The company has allowed overnight RV Parking for up to 24-hours since the mid-twentieth century, with 78 percent of stores offering the service in 2010. According to research, the decease may be a direct result of travelers not respecting the Walmart property during their stay. They are choosing to either disobey the 24-hour rule or are leaving litter behind.

As a beloved RV park in Pensacola, FL, Avalon Landing has travelers from all around the nation, some spending days on the road to reach the park. Having a safe quick place to stop for rest is important to tourists, and the decrease is putting a huge strain on the RV community.

Avalon Landing RV Park is located only five miles East of Pensacola, offering waterfront and pull-through options for campers. The campground offers saltwater fishing, Wi-Fi, electrical hookups, and a pool. Located in the beautiful Gulf Coast, the park has beaches close by along with plenty of other attractions, including Fort Pickens and Historic Downtown Pensacola. For more information about prices or reservations, give them a call at (850) 995-5898 or visit them online at www.AvalonLandingRVPark.com.


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