A Local Hearing Physician in Gardendale, AL is Announcing a Free Hearing Clinic

hearing tests in Gardendale, AL

Gardendale, AL. – Beltone USA, a local hearing physician in Gardendale, AL is pleased to announce they offered a free hearing clinic to the Beltone community in August. The five-day clinic provided free hearing screenings, free video otoscope exams, and free ten-point hearing aid checkups. The service was by appointment only to help protect the health of those attending the event and slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The event was for those who are concerned about hearing loss or overall hearing health. The free hearing test provided a clear direction of the next steps to take depending on the reason for any hearing loss identified. The event was able to provide answers regarding hearing loss to many patients in the local community, improving overall health. The free otoscope exam also allowed highly trained audiologists a clear look at the patient’s eardrums and ear canal eliminating ear wax or other underlying issues.

For those in the Beltone community who already own hearing aids, the event provided a free 10-point hearing aid performance check-up for any make or model hearing device. The free check will help with whistling, malfunctioning in noisy places, and weakened strength. The event also offered a hearing aid cleaning as a part of the check-up.

Beltone USA has been the most trusted name in the United States for hearing health for the past 77 years. The company offers hearing aid products with quality sound technology and easy-to-use features for those at all levels of hearing loss. Beltone USA is happy to provide hearing tests in Gardendale, AL for those who may be concerned about hearing loss. The company prides itself on quality customer service and innovative technology. For anyone having trouble with hearing health or who has questions about hearing loss or hearing aid care, give them a call at (205) 608-3979 or visit them online at www.BeltoneUSA.com.


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