A Local Awards Shop in Manasses Encourages Employers to Order Custom Awards for Employee Appreciation Day

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Manasses, VA — Ensuring that employees feel recognized is a key element to any successful business. There are multiple ways that this can be accomplished, from verbal confirmations of a job well done to handing out personalized gifts, but many wonder what the best choice is for Employee Appreciation Day. Award Crafters is encouraging employers in their community to choose custom awards to recognize employees for their stellar work this holiday.

Employee Appreciation Day, as always, will fall on the first Friday in March this year. The holiday serves as an opportunity for employees to be recognized by their employers for all their hard work. Employee recognition, which is proven to boost productivity, can also increase profitability. According to an Apollo Technical article, the “Harvard Business Publication says that the key to happy customers is happy employees. As a result, employee recognition can improve customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the backbone of a business, and taking care of your employees can help achieve that.”

The wide assortment of celebration ideas available to employers notwithstanding, Award Crafters believes that the best way to show employees that you value them as individuals on Employee Appreciation Day is to give out custom awards. The number of customizable options for awards is massive, as they can be ordered in different sizes, shapes and materials, such as crystal, glass, acrylic and metal. The different combinations ensure that the final product is unique to each employee.

Award Crafters offers a large variety of different award items and employee recognition gifts that are sure to make any team of employees feel valued and appreciated. As a proud Manassas business, Award Crafters works hard to provide their community with the products they desire. They offer a wide selection of other customizable products, such as engraved trophies, glassware and business promotional products. For more information, visit awardcrafters.com, or call Award Crafters at (703) 818-0500.


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