A Leading Awards Shop Offering Custom Promotional Products in Washington, DC Highlights Eco-Friendly Awards


Manassas, VA- Award Crafters offers a myriad of different awards, trophies, plaques, and custom promotional products in Washington, DC. However, the products they are most proud to offer are those made from renewable materials. Award Crafters is highlighting their eco-friendly products and explaining why they are passionate about producing them.

The current pandemic has caused people to think more about the world’s problems. This world is not perfect, and issues are inevitable. It often seems that no matter which direction one is facing, there is always something that needs to be dealt with or improved upon. Therefore, Award Crafters strives to make a difference in the health of the environment by producing products made from renewable and sustainable resources, such as bamboo and coconut shell. Because these materials are often discarded after being used to produce other products, Award Crafters finds it important to break the chain and get further use out of these excellent materials.

Award Crafters offers a wide variety of eco-friendly products, ranging from wooden trophies to glass plaques. This line of products is marked with a green icon that says, “Eco-Friendly Line,” indicating that they are made with renewable and sustainable resources. In their effort to produce these products, Award Crafters hopes to help preserve the environment so that future generations can enjoy the rich, natural resources here on earth. Award Crafters encourages individuals to go beyond acknowledging the problems in this world, further ponder the issues and strive to come up with plausible solutions. No person is too insignificant to make a difference.

As an award shop that offers a variety of awards in Washington, DC, Award Crafters understands the necessity of promoting what one believes in. In their case, promoting constructive habits to keep the environment healthy, one eco-friendly product at a time is an important practice. For more information regarding environmentally friendly awards and plaques, give Award Crafters a call today at (703) 818-0500 or visit their website at www.awardcrafters.com.


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