A Hearing Physician in Marietta, GA is Highlighting Annual Free Hearing Clinic

hearing physician in Marietta, GA

Marietta, GA. – Each year Beltone provides the local community with a free hearing clinic, allowing patients to ask questions and get hearing advice at no cost or obligation. Beltone USA, a hearing physician in Marietta, GA, is a local part of the national Beltone brand. The free service was by appointment only and provided patients with answers to hearing questions and the next steps to take in their hearing care journey.

The clinic offered the Beltone community free hearing screenings, which will help audiologists pinpoint hearing problems such as ear wax build-up, sinus issues, or other concerns. The clinic also offered a free video otoscope exam which allows audiologists to see inside a patient’s ear canal and eardrum on a Television screen or computer monitor. Upon completion of the free exams, the audiologist can provide options for patients.

For those in the Beltone community who already have a hearing aid device the clinic also offered free hearing aid performance checks for any make or model hearing aid. The free test will check for hearing aid strength, efficiency in noisy areas, and any whistling sounds. During the hearing aid check-up, Beltone also provided a free hearing aid cleaning to make sure ear wax buildup is not an issue for patients.

Beltone USA is proud to offer top of the line hearing aids in Marietta, GA including innovative sound technology, blue tooth technology, and a variety of options to meet the needs of their patients. The company offers remote care and online shopping options to protect and ensure the safety of patients and limiting in-store interactions. Beltone also offers BelCare, an aftercare program offered to patients that guarantees lifetime follow up care. For more information about Beltone’s free hearing tests or hearing care, give Beltone USA in Marietta a call at (770) 919-8324 or visit them online at www.BeltoneUSA.com.


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