A Hearing Physician in Marietta, GA is Highlight an In-office Free Hearing Aid Trial

hearing physician in Marietta GA

Marietta, GA – Beltone is one of the leading hearing care specialists in the nation with a local hearing physician in Marietta, GA. The national brand is proud to offer patients a free in-office Beltone Amaze hearing trial at locations across the nation, including the local location in Marietta. The offer is valid for the Beltone Amaze 9 and 17. The free trial will be offered from July 13th to July 31st.

The Beltone Amaze is a top of the line hearing aid which recently won the 2020 BIG Innovation Award which was presented by the Business Intelligence Group. The award was received due to the innovative technology and design of the hearing aid. This includes Bluetooth technology and crystal-clear sound. The Beltone Amaze is for anyone with mild-to-severe hearing loss and is offered many different styles.

Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak Beltone has launched both an online store and video appointments. Online video appointments can be conducted through Beltone Remote Care Live which allows hearing care professionals to meet with patients and even adjust their hearing aids via the Beltone Hearing Max App. The newly launched online store allows patients to shop remotely and safely from home for much needed hearing care accessories.

Beltone USA is a trusted provider of hearing aids in Marietta, GA. The staff at Beltone is high trained and up to date on the latest in hearing aid technology. For more information about the in-office free Beltone Amaze hearing aid trial give them a call at (770) 919-8324 or visit them online at www.beltoneusa.com.


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