A Hearing Physician in Gardendale, AL is Highlighting the Release of New Hearing Aid Technology

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Gardendale, Ala.- Beltone USA is pleased to announce the release of the Beltone Imagine hearing device. The local hearing physician is a part of the national Beltone brand, a company that has quickly become the nation’s leading hearing care provider. The hearing aid device is equipped with state-of-the-art hearing solutions, being the first of its kind to combine a microphone and a receiver in the ear.

This breakthrough hearing aid technology meets a common complaint of hearing aid users by producing a natural sound experience that is unlike any other hearing aid. The Beltone Imagine is an over the ear and made-to-measure hearing aid, providing a custom measurement for each user.

The Beltone Imagine goes a step beyond other typical over the ear devices, which typically uses only two microphones. The new hearing device includes three microphones, one of which is placed directly into the ear canal where the device can easily pick up on sounds. The addition of this third microphone allows the device to take advantage of the natural and unique acoustics in each individual’s ear, not possible before.

“Until Beltone Imagine, hearing aids used algorithms of the “average ear” shape when delivering sound,” says Dr. John Nelson, vice president, GN Audiology & Medical Affairs, “But Beltone Imagine is not a one-size-fits-all hearing aid. Most of the time, it will be collecting sound using the microphone in the canal, delivering that individualized sound. It truly lets each person experience the world with their own ears.”

Beltone USA in Gardendale is proud to provide hearing solutions to the local community. Each hearing specialist is highly trained and dedicated to finding the best hearing device for each patient’s individual needs. Beltone USA offers free hearing tests along with a wide variety of hearing aid options. For more information about the new state of the art Beltone Imagine, give them a call at 205-608-3979 or visit them online at https://www.beltoneusa.com/gardendale/.


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