A Hearing Loss Clinic in Peachtree City, GA is Highlighting Free Hearing Clinic

Ear Care Specialist in Peachtree City, GA

Peachtree, GA. – Beltone has been one of the most trusted names in hearing care for over 77 years, offering a free yearly hearing health clinic for the Beltone community. As a hearing loss clinic in Peachtree City, GA Beltone USA understands how important this is for the local community. Hearing loss can affect overall health and Beltone USA is offering a free clinic that helps patients stay provocative.

The free hearing health clinic was offered at Beltone locations across the country throughout August. The clinic offered free appointments with an audiologist for basic hearing care needs such as hearing device checks, hearing screening, and otoscope exams. For patients with ear wax build-up or sinus issues, the audiologist was able to provide immediate diagnosis and management options.

The Otoscope Exam allows audiologists to view the patient's eardrum and ear canal via computer or television screen, allowing them to quickly identify any hearing issues. The hearing aid device checkup also provided patients with a free cleaning of their hearing aid to rule out issues patients may be experiencing.

The free clinic comes as a way to promote the importance of hearing care and knowing what hearing loss looks like. Without regular hearing care, hearing loss can go unnoticed and untreated leading to depression and social isolation in some patients. Hearing loss can also lead to many other ailments when left untreated. Beltone is dedicated to making sure the community knows hearing loss signs such as ear ringing, hearing people mumble, others complaining about loud audio, etc.

Beltone has over 1,500 locations nationwide, providing quality award-winning hearing aid technology. Beltone USA has a local hearing center in Peachtree City, GA which is a part of the national brand. The company specializes in free hearing tests, and a large variety of hearing aid devices to suit anyone’s lifestyle. For more information about hearing devices or hearing care give them a call at (770) 487-9030 or visit them online at www.beltoneusa.com.


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