A Hearing Loss Center in Trussville, AL Highlights Recent Free Health Clinic for Community

hearing physician in Trussville, AL.

Trussville, AL. – Beltone offered a free hearing care clinic to the nationwide Beltone community in August as a part of their yearly effort to bring awareness to hearing loss and hearing care. Beltone USA is a local hearing loss center in Trussville, AL, which is a part of the national brand that offered the clinic to the local community.

The free clinic offered a variety of services to those with hearing loss or hearing device concerns. For those with hearing loss, the clinic provided free hearing screenings and free otoscope exams. Both services can quickly find ear wax and sinus issues and allow audiologists to provide quick management options for both. Hearing screenings provide patients and their families with peace-of-mind regarding their ear care.

For those who already have hearing devices, the clinic offered free 10-point device checks on any make or model hearing aid. The checks provided insight for issues such as whistling, weakened device strength and, issues in noisy areas. Along with the free device check, they also offered patients a complimentary cleaning of the hearing device to rule out device issues. The clinic was offered as an appointment only service to protect the health and safety of patients and employees.

Beltone USA is a part of the national Beltone brand offering the community a trusted hearing physician in Trussville, AL. The company provides patients with a 48-month warranty on hearing devices providing full loss and damage coverage on devices. The company also provides complimentary lifetime care along with their award-winning hearing aid technology in a variety of discreet makes and models. The company also provides affordable financing plans for qualified patients in an effort to provide quality ear care to everyone. For more information about hearing loss, hearing care, or hearing tests give Beltone USA Trussville a call at (205) 655-7811 or visit them online at www.BeltoneUSA.com.


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