A Hearing Loss Center in Lawrenceville, GA is Highlighting Recent Hearing Event

hearing consultants in Lawrenceville, GA

Lawrenceville, GA.- Beltone USA is excited to highlight their Annual Hearing Health Clinic that took place this month. The hearing loss center in Lawrenceville, GA is a part of the national Beltone brand known for top of the line technology and quality customer service. The clinic offered free hearing aid check-ups, free hearing aid cleanings, free otoscope exam, and free hearing screenings.

To protect the health of the community and slow the spread of COVID-19, the event was by appointment only. The free hearing test and otoscope test can help the audiologist rule out ear wax and other causes for hearing loss that can be corrected. Free hearing aid check-ups allow patients who are concerned about overly noisy places, a whistling sound in their ear, or weakened sound through the hearing aid. The free services provide patients with the first steps in hearing health and allow patients and audiologist to determine the best steps moving forward.

Beltone is dedicated to making sure the community is aware of the importance of hearing screening and maintaining hearing health. Hearing loss is known to be an early warning sign of many ailments which include Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and dementia. Some patients are also known to develop depression and social isolation if their hearing loss remains untreated.

Beltone USA is proud to have quality hearing consultants in Lawrenceville, GA to help those in the local community with all their hearing needs. The Beltone corporate has been the nation’s leading name in hearing care for more than 77 years. The company offers BelCare, an aftercare program that provides a lifetime guarantee of follow-up care. For more information about hearing health or interested in a free hearing test give Beltone USA in Lawrenceville a call at (770) 277-3913 or visit them online at www.BeltoneUSA.com.


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