A Hearing Aid Store in Decatur, AL Announces Free In-Office Trial

Hearing Aids in Decatur, AL

Decatur, Ala. – Beltone is a leading retailer for hearing care around the nation, and is a local branch of the hearing aid store in Decatur, AL. Beltone USA is pleased to announce free in-office trials of the award-winning Beltone Amaze 9 and 17. The trusted hearing aid retailer is offering the free trial from July 13th to July 31st for all patients.

The Beltone Amaze is for patients with hearing loss in the mild to severe ranges and is offered in all hearing aid styles. The Beltone Amaze technology is top of the line technology, including micro-processing technology, rechargeable batteries, and the Beltone HearMax app. The Beltone Amaze hearing aid also recently won an award from the Business Intelligence Group. The award that they won was the 2020 BIG Innovation Award.

Along with the in-store free trial offer, Beltone has also taken other innovative steps to help patients remain safe during the coronavirus pandemic. The company opened an online store recently for hearing accessories, such as replacement batteries and chargers. They also are providing patients with the ability to consult with hearing care professionals via video calls. Both changes alleviate in-store traffic, allowing for a safer environment for patients wishing to take part in the free trial offer. This also allows people to stay at home, while still getting their hearing needs met.

Beltone USA is proud to offer the Beltone Amaze hearing aid in Decatur, AL to provide top of the line hearing resources to the hearing impaired. The hearing specialists at Beltone USA are highly trained and dedicated to helping patients find the best fit for their hearing aid needs. For more information about the in-store trial of the Beltone Amaze give them a call at (256) 353-5010 or visit them online at www.beltoneusa.com.

Beltone USA - Bessemer specializes in top of the line hearing aids with an emphasis on compassion and care. Their professionally trained Hearing Specialists strive to fit customers with the best quality hearing aids to improve their quality of life. They offer free Hearing Screenings as well as lifelong cleanings and service on all of their hearing aids. Those who are experiencing hearing loss are encouraged to visit their local Beltone office in Decatur, AL today.


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