A Hearing Aid Center in Trussville, AL is Announcing Beltone Amaze Hearing Aid Trials.


Trussville, Ala. – Beltone USA is a local hearing aid center in Trussville, AL. The company is a part of the national Beltone hearing care brand, which is considered a leader in its industry. Beltone is pleased to announce that patients can now get a free in-office trial of the Beltone Amaze hearing aids, one of the most technologically innovative hearing aids around today. The in-office trial started on July 13th and will be valid for patients until July 31st. The offer includes the Beltone Amaze hearing aids 9 and 17 and can only be in office.

For patients interested in the offer it is important to note the Beltone Amaze is most suitable for those with mild-to-server hearing impairment. The device is offered in all hearing aid styles and is equipped with the Beltone HearMax App. This offer comes just off a prestige win for the company as the Beltone Amaze was recently recognized by the Business Intelligence Group as the winner of the 2020 BIG Innovation Award for the innovation of the technology within the device.

“Beltone’s technology is cutting edge,” exclaimed Michael Rocchio, a Beltone patient. “And I’m pleasantly surprised how well concealed they are,” he finished.

Beltone USA is a preferred audiologist in Trussville, AL, and prides itself on having high-quality products for great prices. The company offers free hearing tests for patients, along with caring hearing care specialist who works to make sure they find the best hearing aid for each patient’s lifestyle. Beltone is also now providing online shopping for patients to shop for hearing care accessories from the comfort and safety of their homes. For more information about hearing care or the in-office free trial of the Beltone Amaze give them a call at (205) 655-7811 or check them out online at www.beltoneusa.com.


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