A Chattanooga Shipping Store Explains that the USPS is Testing Same-Day Delivery

Chattanooga Shipping Store

Chattanooga, TN – The Mail Box Store, a local shipping store in Chattanooga, is a provider of many various packing and shipping services. Because they are an authorized United States Postal Service (USPS) shipping outlet, they keep a close eye on changes in the industry and any news regarding the USPS. To do their part in helping keep their community well informed, The Mail Box Store of Chattanooga is explaining the latest news made within the USPS: the testing out of same-day delivery.

There are some parts of Dallas Texas in which same-day shipping through the USPS has already begun. This service mostly caters to small businesses because if they need something right away to continue operations, same-day shipping could be an invaluable tool.

The USPS is calling their same-day delivery service “USPS Connect Local.” It is a part of their 10-year plan to reach financial sustainability. When customers enroll in the same-day delivery service program, they will experience many benefits, including discounted rates that are usually only available to large-volume mailers.

The USPS is hopeful for the success of its same-day delivery service. They are eager to see their customers benefit from it, especially those who own small businesses. As time goes on and their operational capabilities expand, the USPS will be adding more available locations to the list of places where the program is accessible to the public.

The Mail Box Store of Chattanooga is an authorized shipping outlet for the USPS, so they keep a close watch on the changes and progressions made within the USPS. As a full-service shipping center, providing many different shipping services, The Mail Box Store deems it important to keep their community informed regarding the industry and any changes that are made. For more information on shipping or any services offered, give The Mail Box Store of Chattanooga a call at (423) 558-3340 or visit them online at www.TMBSChatt.com.


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