A Bonding Company in Hale County, AL is Highlighting the Effect COVID Will Have on the Bail Bonds Industry

Bonding Company in Akron, ALHale County, AL: An ongoing debate across the nation has focused on bail bonds, and the recent outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has heightened this debate and may affect the bail bonds industry forever. Alabama Bail Bonds is a trusted bonding company in Hale County, AL highlighting the changes in the industry. Recently, cities across the nation have lowered bail to a very small number or, in some cases, set the bail amount to zero. This change, along with the court systems being shut down for some time, is causing some bail bonds companies to go out of business.

This year, many companies in the industry are seeing less than 10% of the bonds they would typically see. The fear of a COVID-19 outbreak among prisoners is pushing many leaders into allowing those in jail awaiting trial for non-violent crimes to be released with no bond. The pandemic has shed light on how dangerous, unfair, and pricey the prison system can be for those who cannot afford bond. Experts in the industry believe this is the added push needed to develop greater bail reform across the nation.

The United States is only one of two countries in the world that have a commercialized bail system. Local criminal justice systems are focused on creating a system to locate who is dangerous enough to be detained who could be released as they await trial. Over the upcoming months, the nation may see significant changes to the bail bond industry in local communities.

Alabama Bail Bonds is dedicated to providing bail bond service in Hale County, AL. As a part of the local community, they want to do their part to help those awaiting trial. While COVID-19 may change the bail bond industry, Alabama Bail Bonds is here to always make it as easy as possible for those needing a bail bondsman. The company offers 24/7 bail bonds services, along with student bonds and payment arrangements when needed. For more information those interested can call: (205) 454-0076 or visit their website: https://alabailbonds.com/hale-greene-counties/.


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