A Birmingham, AL Hearing Test Center Offers In-Store Trials for the Beltone Amaze Hearing Aids

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Birmingham, Ala. – Beltone USA, a Birmingham, AL Hearing Test Center, is running a special offer through the rest of the month. Until July 31, Beltone hearing care patients are given the opportunity to try out the Belton Amaze 9 & 17 hearing aids, free of charge. This will allow patients to experience the sound of this high-quality device before making their hearing aid decision.

Beltone USA strives to give its patients the best experience possible, which is why they make it a priority to equip each patient with the optimal hearing aids and accessories to best suit each individual’s needs. By allowing patients to try out the Beltone Amaze hearing aids right in the office, the patients will be able to make more informed decisions when choosing which hearing aids are best for them.

Amid the pandemic, Beltone is working hard to provide their patients with the safest service possible. In order to accomplish this, they are now offering to conduct appointments through Beltone HearMax Live, which allows patients to meet with a hearing care professional over video chat. In addition, the Beltone HearingMax app gives the professional the ability to make immediate adjustments to the patient’s hearing aids, as long as their hearing aids contain the necessary feature. This is also one of the benefits of the Beltone Amaze hearing aids– they can be connected to the app, allowing for non-contact appointments for adjustments.

Beltone USA is a top Birmingham, AL hearing aid provider who seeks to provide their patients with high-quality care and optimal solutions to their individual hearing needs. They offer free hearing tests, consultations, hearing aids, and a wide selection of hearing aid accessories. To receive a free trial for the Beltone Amaze hearing aids, or to seek more information about other Beltone products, give them a call today at (770) 577-2360 or visit their website at www.beltoneusa.com. 

Beltone USA - Birminghamspecializes in top of the line hearing aids with an emphasis on compassion and care. Their professionally trained Hearing Specialists strive to fit customers with the best quality hearing aids to improve their quality of life. They offer free Hearing Screenings as well as lifelong cleanings and service on all of their hearing aids. Those who are experiencing hearing loss are encouraged to visit their local Beltone office in Birmingham, AL today.

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