A 24-hour Bondsman in Hale County Highlights Bailout Program

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Hale County, Ala. – In the midst of a global pandemic, many organizations are looking for new and innovative ways to help those less fortunate during these trying times. Alabama Bail Bonds of Hale and Greene County, a trusted 24-hour bondsman in Hale County, is highlighting the efforts of two University of Alabama students who have recently begun a bailout program in their area. The newly minted non-profit organization aims to assist inmates from low-income families to pay their bonds to be released from jail as they await their hearing dates. The program is called “Tuscaloosa Bailout” and has already successfully raised over $7,000 in funds to aid these inmates.

Tuscaloosa Bailout is a direct response to the disproportionate cash bailout system that largely affects vulnerable populations and communities of color. This program comes at a time when the cash bailout system has become a highly controversial topic in the state of Alabama as well as around the nation for many reasons. The cash bail system has been called in to question recently since it has a highly negative impact on those of low-income. Even more recently this issue has heightened as immediate are at high risk for the coronavirus.

For anyone looking to donate to the cause, the organization is accepting donations via check by mail or on their website, tuscaloosabailout.com. The inmates who receive the funds are chosen by volunteers of the organization. The team regularly visits the jail and assesses each inmate via surveys and consent forms. In an effort to help a larger amount of people get out of jail as quickly as possible, Tuscaloosa Bail Out is prioritizing people with lower bond amounts. They state, “As we continue to fundraise, we will continuously reevaluate our criteria to ensure they align with the antiracist and social justice values of the organizations who have inspired this work.”

Alabama Bail Bonds is happy to see the community coming together to assist those in need. As agents offering budget bail bonds in Hale County, they understand how difficult and stressful the cash bond system can be, especially for those with lower income. For more information about bail bonds or cash bonds, give them a call at (205) 454-0076 or visit their website at www.alabailbonds.com.


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